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One fine day while I was surfing the World Wide Web took a turn into the dark side. Nah, it wasn't some radical, terrorist organization, it was just the online Personals of my local web portal. It was in fact, the content of these online Personals the kind of shook me. I knew I hadn't been in the Dating loop for a long time. But never thought that the online personals sections had become so racy and dare I say, obscene!

For starters, there were a lot more woman taking part in these online personals than I ever for a dreamed. I'm not kidding, When I was younger, I used to check out the online personals to try and pick up hot women. I went to the nearest watering hole in and trolled for chicks. I Used to run into a lot of my former classmates but Dating one of them was pretty much out of the question. When you are one of the only few dweebs in a class filled with quarterbacks and other jocks, your chances of getting a date are next to nil. So I picked my poison and it happened to the online Personals. I'll tell you the truth, I actually met some really cool girls on the online Personals. My first steady girlfriend was someone that I hadn't met through online personals. Sure, she was a little bit older than she claimed to be and was a kilo or two on the heavier side, but beggars can't be choosers, you take what you can get.

The second girl that I met in the world of online personals actually stole money from me. I should say I allowed myself to get swindled. If you can believe this, I was actually dumb enough to give her my credit card number, even when something (or rather everything!) should have screamed to me that there was something wrong with this. Not for me, as I gladly let her have it. And its a good thing that it was almost maxed out. She ended up getting $300 from me and that was the last I ever heard of heard from her.

Anyways, to get back to the present, I was amazed by the openness and vivacity of the women on the online personals. They were much more forthcoming than I remember them being, with them actually spelling out what type of guys they were looking for. A far cry from my hey days on the online personals when it was taken for granted that the guys were all looking to get laid and the girls were all looking for the right groom.

Think certainly have changed with the online Personals, it seems to be the wild West where anything and everything goes. I sure was glad for the openness and opportunities the youngsters were enjoying. I'm kind of jealous that it wasn't like this in my younger days. So if you do happen to get onto the online personals section of my local portal, dont be startled to find dweeb34 online. Trust me when I say Im still worth a day look.

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