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Reduce Heating And Cooling Costs With Proper Home Insulation

Consumers worldwide felt the pinch when energy costs hit all-time highs in 2011. This has led homeowners on a desperate search for ways to reduce energy consumption, ranging from logical methods like reducing the use of electronic appliances to more ambitious moves like inventing devices that decrease energy bills. In reality, there's an easier way to do it-and it's called insulation.

Insulation restricts the air's natural movement to prevent leaks through the ceilings or walls. Old and poorly insulated walls account for nearly 44 percent of home energy loss, which makes rooms colder even if the thermostat says its 70 degrees inside. In addition, poor home insulation often results in a drastic increase in heating and cooling costs by as much as 30 percent. If you're like the vast majority of homeowners who cringe at the sight of electric bills, insulation is the best way to go.

You can treat it as a DIY project, but it's essential to install the right things at the right places, specifically the ceiling, walls, and the basement. You can use different materials like fiberglass or rock wool which can be easily laid on top of ceiling joists. Loose fills can then be poured between ceiling joists or added behind walls, while foam boards can be glued directly onto foundation walls.

If you're the type of homeowner who believes it's best to leave things in the hands of professionals, then it's time to look for home insulation contractors. These individuals can evaluate your home's current R-value which is the means of measuring heat resistance. Basically, a higher heat resistance enables your home to stay cooler during the summer and vice versa.

Winter in Grand Rapids, Michigan can be quite long, extremely frigid, and costly. It's because the area has a humid continental climate characterized by very warm summers and snowy winters. Lake effect snowstorms are also common, so it is strongly recommended to implement insulation Grand Rapids homes need to cope with the weather.

The insulation Michigan contractors offer come with various benefits. Most notably, they reduce heating and cooling costs. In fact, homeowners can experience a 20-percent decrease in energy bills and substantial savings in the long run.

Home insulation Grand Rapids residents need should not be taken lightly. It can make a big difference in both a homeowner's budget and quality of life. To read more on home insulation options, visit StructureTech1.com.

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