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Fort Worth Apartments | Outside Dallas, a new Way of Life

If you are considering a move to Fort Worth, Texas, you need to know what kind of job prospects await you. After all, it is not the best time to find a job. Fortunately, Fort Worth is doing well. They have a multifaceted job market. And if you are a renter, many apartments are available for low costs and in a range of neighborhoods.

Fort Worth was known as a manufacturing and defense center through much of the 20th century. Near the end of World War I, oil was discovered nearby, leading to a boom in refining, crude oil operations, and construction. Since that time the regional economy that has experienced diversification, as military bases have closed, oil fields have declined, and manufacturing has been outsourced to other countries. Now more integrated into the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan economy, Fort Worth is a center for services, start-up companies, and transportation.

Since the defense industry, once a major source of employment in Fort Worth, has declined in importance, other areas of the economy have stepped up to continue growth. Fast-growing areas include finance, electronics and engineering.

Texas leads the pack in wind capacity, largest wind farms installed and many other aspects of the wind energy industry, according to newly issued 2008 data and rankings from the American Wind Energy Association.

The Washington, D.C.-based trade association represents a range of players in the wind-energy industry, boasting more than 1, 900 members.

Texas once again installed the largest amount of new capacity in 2008 2, 671 MW moving it into a league of its own, reads to the report. More new wind capacity was added in Texas during the year than in any country except China and the U.S. If Texas were a country, it would rank sixth in the world, behind Germany, the rest of the U.S., Spain, China, and India.

Three Texas representatives Randy Neugebauer, District 19; Mike Conaway, District 11; and Chet Edwards, District 17 hold positions one, two and four on the top five U.S. legislative districts with the most megawatts of wind capacity installed.

Texas also boasts four of the five largest wind projects, and total megawatts installed by a state at 7, 118 more than double the amount installed by the No. 2 state, Iowa.

NextEra Energy Resources remains atop the list of project owners, with 6, 290 MW of wind-power assets, roughly 25 percent of the total installed in the U.S.

According to city-data.com, in 2004 Forth Worth received 8.7 million visitors, collectively spending $1.2 billion in the city. With the opening of entertainment destinations like downtown's Sundance Square, tourism is on the march-and that means plenty of jobs for hospitality workers like tour operators, servers, and bellhops.

So there you have it. Fort Worth Texas has many employment opportunities and it is bustling with green innovation. If you are considering a move to this Texas city, the time is right to get involved in a growing industry and find an apartment for low costs.

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