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Act gives Oregon Families Another Reason to Buy Family Insurance

Oregon, due to its, Family Health Insurance Assistance Program, never really had to be anxious about insurance or premiums. And the Affordability Care Act has proved to be a boon for the families in Oregon. Here is a glimpse at what the Act has in store for Oregon and its residents.

Families in Oregon now need not worry about the non-medical expenditures going too high. They will now be offered a discount on the expenses.

15, 000 young Adults will now affordable coverage through their parents. Effective from September 23, 2010, children till the age of 26 can stay in their parents' coverage. A majority of insurers have agreed to cover adult children immediately.

All lifetime limits will be eliminated which means that about 2 million Oregons and their families will not have to be worry about coverage running out and the huge out-of-pocket expenses thereafter.

The Act also offers tax credits to working families in Oregon. This will ensure that Oregons have access to affordable coverage.

The Act will also enforce a cap on the out-of-pocket expenses of families. These include co-pays, coinsurances and deductibles.

The Oregon health insurance Exchange provides families with wider choices. This will also the give the residents to reap the benefits of increased competition in the market.

The Exchange gives standardized, easy-to-understand information so that families can easily compare prices and benefits to choose a plan that suits them the best.

The Exchange also ensures that families always have guaranteed choice of quality health insurance even when they lose their job, switch jobs, move or get sick.

Families in Oregon also have the right to prevention and wellness benefits at no charge.

With a $5 billion temporary early retiree reinsurance program, an estimated 70, 100 residents of Oregon will continue to get coverage from their insurers.

Children with pre-existing condition will not be discriminated when getting an insurance cover. Families and parents in Oregon can now get their children treated without worrying much about the medical expenses.

About 257, 000 individuals in Oregon who purchase insurance through dishonest practices will continue to get coverage from the insurers.

Around $66 million dollars will be available to the residents of Oregon with pre existing condition through a high risk pool program. This will be a bridge to 2014 when everyone will have an insurance cover.

The Act will also provide funding for Community Health Centre and National Health Service Corps, helping around 7% of the Oregon population. Oregon low-income families will also have, for a change, access to Federal Medicaid, irrespective of the family status, age or disability.

With so many benefits on offer to Oregon families, residents are now ready to shop for family health insurances that are better and more secure.

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