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New Jersey: How to Spruce Up Your Basement

Basements have a reputation of being the scariest place in a house aside from the attic. It is not any less true in New Jersey. It is also sometimes associated with natural calamities as some people treat it as a refuge in such disastrous times.

But just like any part of the house, the basement can be used for recreational purposes and a place for family bonding and fun.

Of course, it would be silly to host activities in your basement if it is bare, musty and downright creepy. Furnishing it – again, just like any other part of your house – is a must for it to be conducive to fun and accommodating events.

A few things you need to consider in upgrading your basement are as follows:

* FLOORING. Plain cement floors have never been any sort of fun. It's usually cold and musty.

In choosing your flooring preference, it is best to consider the activities to be done here and the people who will be using this space. Apparently, the place has to be kept safe and clean and free from molds and mildews.

Carpets, vinyl, linoleums and tiles are just a few of the many materials that you may want to put in your basement floor to effectively decorate it and make the space more useful.

* WALL DCOR. Furbishing your floors is not enough when your walls are just as bare as the cement floor was. Sprucing it up with wall papers or paint would entirely change the feel of the whole room.

Also, painting the walls will help to better insulate the room especially if some friends or family members would like to retreat to the basement during the winter seasons.

Putting up paintings, pictures and other mementos will add a personal touch to the room and further calm the ambiance of the place.

* LIGHTING. Dark basements are never the least bit fun. It usually reminds people of horror movies and other grotesque stuff.

Since the space allows minimal natural light, a few bulbs might actually be enough to literally and figuratively lighten the place.

Colored bulbs can also be used depending on your own discretion. Yellow lights usually elicit a feel of serenity and calm, so if you plan on making it your own little resting spot it might be a good idea to choose such a color of the bulb.

* WATERPROOFING SYSTEM. It's a no brainer that the basement is the lowest part of the house; thus, it is prone to flooding. Waterproofing it is the best solution to keep the overall project preserved and dry.

It's kind of upsetting to have all your work spoiled by a sudden pour of rain that seeped through the basement and wet all your decorations.

For starters, you must control the water flow from your roofs and gutters and also check for cracks and holes on the walls and corners of your basement.

Home improvement stores often offer waterproofing contractors and equipment that suits a consumer's specifications.

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