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Helen of Troy Hot Brush Dryer - Review

Hot air brushes are a very versatile tool that combines the use of a round brush and blow dryer when styling your hair. Helen of Troy offers the largest selection on the market, with many different models and sizes to choose from.

Blow-drying the hair with a hair dryer and a round brush can help to achieve a smooth and polished salon blow-out with tons of volume and bounce. However, sometimes two hands aren't enough to section the hair, hold the dryer, and hold the round brush. Blow drying the hair is one of those times when a lot of women just wish they had more hands! A Helen of Troy's Hot Brush Dryer eliminates the need to use a hair dryer and round brush, because the round brush and the blow dryer are one in the same!

The Helen of Troy Hot Brush combines the power of a blow dryer with the styling benefits of a round brush in one amazing heated tool. A round brush actually acts as the blow dryer, blowing hot air into the hair and it spins around to straighten, smooth, and volumize from root to tip. This life-changing tool leaves your other hand totally free to section hair, making the whole styling process faster, easier, and less frustrating.

Helen of Troy offers a few kinds of hot air brushes, but the Thermal Hot Air Brush offers the most benefits to the hair. A unique gold plated barrel holds more heat and distributes the heat evenly and efficiently to the hair for faster drying time. With special air vents to let more hot air through, this brush has nylon bristles that are gentle on the hair but are able to grip it securely in order to smooth and polish the hair with ease. Once the hair is dried and smoothed, the barrel can lock in order to curl or flip the ends. The in, 1 in, or 1 .5 inch sizes give any hair type or length the option to dry and style with ease.

Why spend more time drying you hair than you need to? Give your hair and your hands a break with a Helen of Troy hot brush. You hair will be perfectly smoothed with the bounce and volume that your blow dryer and round brush can only dream about.

Purchase a wholesale Helen of Troy Hot Brush.

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