Adult Personals In West


The stagecoach met its appointment with robbery and what is taken is not a bankroll but a young woman to spend the bitter winter months in the mountains with a stranger. She is on her way back east after spending some months in the west that she seemed unable to adjust to. There is disappointment in her retreat because she felt that it was time for her to be own her own and returning back east would mean going back to live with her aunt and uncle who were good people who had raised her when her mother died and her father felt is best to send her to live with them but she is a young woman now who has come of age and living under guidance had for some time now lost its taste.

Lori Lincoln is a fine looking young woman who is very soft natured and self-disciplined and with some years of girl schooling back east she is more educationally advanced than her counterparts that she has met out west. At least twice a year she and her father corresponded by letter and it was a standing arrangement that at some point she would come and visit him. Because of the separation she knew very little about her father from personal experience and because she was sent away while still relatively young she had very few memories of him that she could use to understand him but she did have a little insight from the letters that she got from him and from conversations with her aunt and uncle about him and with the desire to get to know him on a personal level and her wanting to move out on her own gave her something to look forward to as she took work doing child sitting and helping her aunt in their store to save money for a western trip.

At eighteen Lori considered herself an adult and of her time in the late eighteen hundreds this was generally accepted as being the case for a young lady of her age. A year of anticipation was mixed with frustration as she had saved more than enough money to make the trip west but corresponding with her father tested her patience as he was slow in preparing to receive her so it came to a point where she took charge and gave him a definite date that she would depart from Charleston South Carolina on her way to Minnesota and it was up to him if he was ready for her or not and when the day came that she boarded the train she felt no fear of the unknown but a sense of excitement and relief concerning her new adventure and of the possibilities that it may lead. Lori looked younger than her eighteen years and although shapely her body was not fully developed but underneath the physical appearance there resides a young woman who is very mature and stable of mind.

A sleek handsome dark complexioned young man walked into the local store to purchase some winter supplies. Not very often did Willie Martin come into town and each time that he did was for the same reason to purchase some supplies. A young man of nineteen he has been own his own for as long as he can remember and from an early age had dedicated himself to achieving success. He has spent an awesome amount of time in the books and has been very fortunate from time to time to have had some gifted tutors to aid him in his educational pursuits. For two or nearly three years now Willie has lived in Minnesota making his abode a cabin in the mountains that he build himself over time. A log cabin of sturdy build that he uses melting snow from higher up the mountain to supply it with in-door water and even a flushing toilet which many a town folk do not have as yet has been home for well over two years.

A cave in the mountain has given Willie an unexpected tremendous boost to his goal of success in the form of a small narrow vain of gold he found purely by accident. The vain of gold is small and at this point there is little left to be chipped out which is why this would be his last winter in Minnesota as he has decided to move on to California. Because of the small vain of gold that he found in the mountain cave Willie Martin is by any count a very rich young man because what the cave lacked in quantity it made up for many times over in quality by the purity of the gold. No one in town was any the wiser of what the young man had discovered because the vast majority of the gold he stockpiles and uses only a very little for purchases and by anyone's guess that which he has he gets by trading with Indians which suits Willie very well for them to think this as that keeps any would-be looters off of him.

Last winter was very long and harsh and the early chill seems to indicate that the coming winter would not be any different. Many a nights his loneliness was magnified as he listened to brisk winds blowing against the trees outside and against the cabin and many a days he thought of how it would be to have some female company up here in the mountains with him. Yes the vain of gold is nearly run out and this made it all the more plain that it was time to head out and the first few weeks of spring seems very fitting as the time to pack it in and make his way towards the western ocean and yet even with his date set as the beginning of spring for his departure the outlook of being alone again during another long winter season had nothing pleasant about it in his thoughts and so his mind was fully made up that he would not be alone this winter and that by some means he will find himself a woman to share this season with him. Different possibilities of acquisition came to his mind and the exact nature of how and whom it will be he had not defiantly decided but for now his concentration was on the items that he needed for the winter as he browsed around the store selecting them as seen but with an added sentiment that he did not openly entertain and that was that he was buying enough supplies to support two people and this he was doing subconsciously and not really outwardly thinking about it.

It was awkward at first being with her father and as the weeks pasted it got a little but not greatly better. Lori's father had trouble adjusting to a young woman in the house and she still had the yearning to be of her own account. The small wilderness town was nothing like Charleston and the free for all behavior of many of the town folk she found to be simply appalling. The landscape was beautiful and very different from that of the east coast and that very beauty itself made her feel somewhat lonely in that she had met no one that she had seriously befriended in the time that she has been there. Lori likes very much the scenic quality of the west and its air that was not so stiff with humidity as that back home. Her presence in town had peaked the interest of the local gents but there was not one that Lori had seen as yet that she could say the same of him.

It has now been over four months since Lori's arrival and her emotions were mixed about the direction to now follow. Things are not like the visions of her high hopes that she entertained about coming here but the prospect of returning home was neither a course of action that she really wanted to follow, yet the pickings were slim concerning a decision and it seemed evident that back home is where she would return.

Disappointment was in her hands when Lori took the stagecoach ticket for her return trip from the clerk and in a few days hence she will be on her way back home. Her father seemed a little sad but more relieved about her decision because there were too many years that had grown between them for either one to pick up and start all over again and since this is how it shall be many things were now on Lori's mind as to what she will do when she gets back home. What was most pressing on her mind is that she should find a place of her own to live and that means replacing her aunt and uncle's roof over her head as soon as possible and the next agenda is probably a beau to court so that she should not be alone. Disappointing but not depleting, as Lori will find her way regardless of setbacks and delays.

The chill in the air is brisk this morning and for people who have lived in the area for some time all signs are pointing towards an early winter just around the corner. Lori has seen snow before but never in the amount that she is hearing tell of by the town folk and nor has she ever gone ice fishing which some are looking forward to when the lakes are glistening. In the back of her mind Lori somewhat regrets not having this experience but the word of mouth is that she should make her move before a cold snap hits and since this is the general consensus she finds it wise to adhere to the suggestions. In all of this her father is very quite on speaking either for or against her leaving which she kind of but not really appreciates as his lack of comments can be construed as indifference which she does not believe that it is but simply his way of keeping a straight face and not to be accused of persuading her in any way.

At the boarding station there are two men and a woman who will make the trip with Lori, which for her is only the first leg of her travels that gets her to a rail station for transportation the rest of the way. After giving her bags to the clerk to be loaded aboard the stagecoach when it arrives Lori and her father decides to walk over to the store in order to kill a little time. Not crowded only a few people browsing Lori observes as she and her father enters the store and then her father separates from her and walks over and starts talking to someone that he knows. Left to herself Lori slowly walks about looking at different items when she turns a corner to an aisle and comes to an abrupt halt. Near the end of the aisle that Lori had turned into there is a young man standing looking towards a rack of thick shirts. In the over four months that Lori has been in town she has never seen this young man before which because of its small size is nearly impossible to do if he lived in town or anyplace close around.

If Lori was thinking anything whatever it is her mind did not share it with her because in quietness her eyes were intent upon the young man standing near the end of the aisle and what could she think seeing that before very long she would be leaving this place and the moment that is now will be forever washed away. Her eyes blinks and Lori feels as if she is awaken from sleep and have been shaken from a dream of a lovely beau sweeping her off of her feet and now that she is fully awake the beau of her dream remains standing fingering through a rack of shirts that has his full attention and has not turned his head away from them to look down the aisle and see her. Dark and mysterious and dressed so nicely the young man is the prettiest beau that Lori has ever seen and if he should ask even here, even now in the aisle of the local store she would accept his offer to dance and transform a stores shopping aisle into a ballroom floor.

Atlas from a fantasy height Lori's heart experiences the drop as the reality of the time alerts her mind and brings her back down to earth from her momentary climb. How long really is infinity? If someone were to ask Lori that question right about now she would most probably answer that infinity is the amount of time that she is now standing transfixed filled with dark pretty man draped in her eyes. A fine slender build and very neat and well dressed in jeans of blue the dark young man is a most impressive beau and to think that today is the day that she slips away meeting and leaving without a single word exchanged. Selecting four shirts the young man turns and begins slowly walking down the aisle that Lori still stands at it's other end. He glances towards her and Lori feels a spark riveting through her and even though her mind instructs her feet to move nothing of the kind in response that they do.

Looking from shelf to shelf the young man seems to have no interest in the young woman standing transfixed even as he gets nearer and nearer to her his shopping appears of more interest to him. More than a few steps away and getting that much closer to her Lori turns facing a shelf as the young man coming her way draws nearer to her. Finally if there is but only two more steps taken the handsome young man would be walking behind her and Lori edges a little closer to the shelf to give him more walking room. Still there is no show of interest as the young man comes ever closer and makes not a comment as he passes behind her. The aisle is wide enough and even that dimension has been supplemented as Lori moved very close to the shelf to allow the young man even more walking room but for some reason that adjustment was not enough because as the young man passed behind Lori his arm lightly brushed against her buttocks moving from one side of her dress all the width to the other which caused Lori to gasp with surprise as her body jerked with a start and this seemed to her to be more than just an accidental brush against her because of the light pressure that was applied on contact and the extra amount of time that it took for the young man to move one step more beyond her.

As if nothing had just happened the young man continued on and turned the corner with Lori studying him curiously and feeling that pretty or not this young man is typically western crude. In Charleston she would be compelled to confront him with a hard slap to his face for such an intimate affront that he had just applied to her but out here there is the likely possibility of all guns blazing when two people are confronting unresolved differences. After studying the young man for a while, who never looked back at her, Lori turned away from the shelf and slowly walked down the aisle in the direction from winch the young man had come. There was really nothing that she and her father had come in the store to buy but made the visit to release the feeling of awkwardness that they both shared at the coach station. There was really not a whole lot to say and there was nothing to explain as Lori's visit with her father had not turned out as hoped and this had no cause for a sour note but simply accepted as an attempt at reunion that slipped.

Lori's father walked up to her looking at his watch and this indicated to her that it was time to head back to the coach station. As Lori and her father headed towards the door of the store at the counter the pretty crude young man stood paying for his purchases and as they passed by him even then he did not turn around and look at her and if he had any manners in him whatsoever an apology in them was certainly like a sewing needle in the dark to be found was her summation about him all around. The walk back to the coach station was still and quiet and then there was dust surrounding them as the stagecoach sped into town. Coming to the stagecoach door assembled the other three passengers as Lori and her father stood side by side awaiting all to be boarded and when it came her turn to climb aboard Lori turned and gave her father a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye telling him also that she would write him just as soon as she got home.

The two ladies sat together as with the two men who sat facing them. It seemed that the three of them were acquainted as they engaged in small talk as the coach started on its way. Up top there was the driver and an armed escort. All three other passengers appeared to be middle aged and after a while the man sitting facing Lori started to make her feel slightly uncomfortable because of the way that his eyes roamed over her and qualified by his efforts to conceal this from notice by the lady who sat beside her. Lori was not naive about her femininity and was well aware of the fact that most men considered her to be very handsome and attractive but there was a time and a person and a place for courting to be entertained and this bumpy ride had nothing at all in common with any of those formulas.

Lori was polite when attempts were employed to maneuver her into conversation because they all had some distance to travel and Lori did not want that time to be spent under a strained atmosphere. After a while on the road the woman beside Lori blurted out the comment that the man had very big eyes addressing by her body posture her comment to the man sitting in front of Lori and now that he was caught red-handed with an annoying case of roving eyes the man sat up straight in his seat because he had been placed on notice by this simple statement that his conduct was unbecoming. Lori breathed a soft quiet sigh of relief, as the woman beside her intentionally of not had come to her defense. Now Lori could relax somewhat at least concerning the man sitting in front of her with little more or less to do now than to endure the bumpiness of the ride. After the woman had made her comment there was a spell of silence that lasted for a time giving everyone some moments to filter out the feeling of embarrassment that openly accused had aroused.

In a few hours they would reach a way station where the horses can be watered and everyone could climb out of the wagon and stretch and refresh him and herself. Little by little the small talk began again and no one made any effort to press Lori to engage in it, which was pleasing to her because she had really nothing in common to talk about with them mainly because of the age difference and she absolutely did not want to go into any personal details about herself which anyone should be willing to understand that her privacy was none of their business. Barring and unforeseen event they would reach the way station in a few hours and after that a few more hours of travel before they reach the next town where those who have an extended travel destination will take a hotel room for the night and be prepared to catch the next stagecoach out the next morning.

For Lori it will be three days and two or at the most three nights of stagecoach before she reaches a train station that has the track linkages to take her back east. The eyes of the man still roamed over Lori from time to time but now he was acutely sensitive to the eyes of a witness who had openly accused him and so he took added precautions to be subtle and discreet with his eyeballing. This new tactic was duly noted and as far as Lori was concerned if he were any type of gentleman he would lower his head in shame and disgrace to be a man of his age groping a young woman of her age but now that his unseemliness was out in the open Lori now felt a certain measure of safety by that open exposure. The stage line only promised that they would get you where you were going and not that your travels there would be plush and cozy. Lori had learned from her first trip that it would be a good idea to bring along pillows for cushion and support and now to her regrets she had forgotten about them before the stage ride commenced. In a while they will be pulling into that way station and maybe there she can find some pillows that she could buy to ease her seat for the rest of the trip.

Willie has two horses, one fitted entirely with supplies and the other he rides. There is a couple of days journey that is well off of the beaten path before he reaches his cabin in the mountains and this was his third and last trip for supplies before the onset of winter and of his supplies there was yet one vital item to be added and this trip into town supplied him with the answer that had been troubling his mind. In the store there was this darling young woman doing some off the shelf shopping just as he were and by selective eavesdropping he learned that she was leaving town that very day on her way back somewhere in the east and furthermore while paying for his supplies he engaged into idle small talk at the counter which by doing so gave him more details about the young lady. Now while she was in the store Willie became the master of pretense by studying her in every detail and doing so without an outward hint of it. Dark red of hair, bright green of eyes and a small shapely figure that looked so pure and untouched all dressed as she were in a delightful wrap of fashionable tailoring.

Earlier on his way to the counter Willie walked very, very close to her even as much as brushing against her which caused her to slightly jump with start which in turn caused him to linger a little longer on the spot. This season he is determined that he would not spend another entire winter in the mountains alone and the most important question that he considered was now answered this morning as to whom it is to be who would spend that winter mountain time with him. One question answered and another question formulating as to how the application of the first answer were to be accomplished. Willie mounted his horse while towing the other one carrying the supplies along. One answer given and another answer still pending as he looks to the road ahead contemplating on its remedy.

By not being restricted by a road Willie could make faster time than the stagecoach that he also knew that it had to stop at that first way station. Time was in slim supply as courting could not be a serious choice given the fact that bodies were in motion, persons were unknown, introductions could be prolonged, individual will of choice could bring a good intention to a crashing halt and hesitation was a falling stone that could breach a gapping hole even into daylight and by carefully reasoning these factors to an underscore the bottom line is bold that opportunity and timing called for drastic actions to be immediately taken. As Willie thought more and more about this the quicker the horses picked up the pace as resolve sparked urgency and urgency cemented a decision that riding on the saddle resolved to an acceptable remedy. Willie is more and less; by your leave, a law abiding citizen but there are those rare occasions in life where a man has to make his own law and this as a case in point just happens to be one of those rare occasions. Wooing could come later, pursuing is now officially under way and the taking will be done in the most time effective, commotion suppressing, pretty girl collecting, lonely-hearts rejecting, cold bedcovers redressing of ways. Yes there are times and indeed there are times and the young lady that was shopping in that store has come to her point in time.

The armed guard leaned over the edge of the wagon and yelled out, "Way station ahead!" The man sitting in front of the woman poked his head out of the window and looked straight ahead then agreed, "Yeah, there it is." With a few more bumps to roll over on the road the stagecoach came to a halt. Everyone inside of the wagon let out almost an audible sigh of relief as bodies became relaxed and they prepared to off load. Restricted and aching portions of they're bodies were overjoyed when feet started touching the ground. Urges that had been suppressed were now demanding that they be effectively addressed. Man and woman alike stretched and flexed muscles. The womenfolk went directly inside of the way station as the men did what they had to do wherever a private spot found their shoes.

When immediate personal needs had been attended to everyone just sort of mingled around. In a while they will be boarding the coach again to begin the next leg of the trip. Lori checked for pillows but there were none that were available for purchase and none that could be given out as spares. A little disappointed Lori folded her hands across her chest and leisurely strolled around the yard of the way station. There were many thoughts that somehow equaled to no thoughts that floated in her mind as Lori walked slowly looking at the scenery around her. Such a beautiful and lonely land she thought to herself and maybe she had not given herself enough time here before deciding about leaving and maybe she should look for a larger town than where her father lives that has more opportunities for making a living. Many thoughts factored one another out to produce a quiet state of mind that Lori used as refreshment. In a few moments they will be on the way again but in the meanwhile Lori will walk slowly and let her mind float.

On a hill standing near a clomp of trees Willie Martin had a downward viewpoint of the way station and a clear view of a young woman who casually walked alone around the station premises. He carefully noted the placement of everyone especially the guard with the shotgun and decided that maybe not here would be ideal to go after her and with this location logistically marked off Willie leaned back against a tree and watched the young lady moving about. From this vantage point she looked like a very young girl but Willie had found out her age and knew that she was a grown woman of eighteen, which is only one year younger than he. He thought about this morning at the store when he had intentionally brushed against her and how she jumped with a start as he rubbed his arm against her behind. Not for a long time has he had the pleasure of a woman and the total number of that experience he could count with two fingers but there was a vast difference because those two women were much, much older and experienced than either he or she even now and taught him allot that he is now intent upon bequeathing to Lori.

Willie remained on the hill and watched as the passengers boarded the stagecoach again. He had no fear about his intentions and had no remorse about its outright selfishness and its direct disregard for the sentiments of the young woman. He knew what he wanted and then he saw whom he wanted and in his mind that completely settles that and now it was just a matter of getting whom he wants back to his cabin. The stagecoach moved along the road while Willie remained where he was. He had no need to be in a hurry and as he looked along the road he begin to recall different points on the way. There were a number of choice spots that the stagecoach can be stopped and there are two in particular that are suited best because they are closer to the trail that leads into mountain paths that can be taken to his cabin.

This time in the coach the two women had switched positions and now the older woman was facing the man with the roaming eyes who seemed to be a little irritated about this change of positions but made no comment for fear of admission of guilt by reason of unruly eyes directed towards a young lady younger by more than twice his age. Back at the way station Lori had thought about cutting her trip short and staying perhaps in the next town which was much larger than the one where her father lives but now back in the coach the implications of that thought was sinking in and being a young woman alone in a different part of the country and in a strange town made Lori feel that maybe it is a good thought but perhaps one that is not fully developed for practical exploitation and living implications yet and with that in mind she surmised that it is a long way back to Charleston so under the circumstances she may as well relax her buttocks for the bumps ahead and settle in for the long trip.

"What's going on?" The man sitting in front of Lori shouted feeling the stagecoach as it was coming to a quick halt. Looking out of his window the man with the roaming eyes blurted out, "It's a robbery!" After announcing this the man with the roaming eyes frantically begin adjusting his pockets in an effort to conceal the personal belongings that he had on him. A shot is fired and the armed guard drops the shotgun to the ground. "Everyone remain calm and do as I say and no one will miss out on their supper this evening." Said a man wearing a mask sitting on a horse. "We aint got no gold mister just mail and passengers so you just wasting your time stopping us here." Said the driver. There was no response to this information of the driver given by the robber as he slowly rode closer to the stagecoach. "You people in there if you are thinking about doing something foolish I advise you not too." Said the robber speaking to the passengers inside of the coach. "Do as he say and don't try anything. When he see that there is nothing here worth taking he will be on his way." Advised the man sitting in front of the older woman to the others.

The masked man stops his horse near the door of the coach. The driver and the now disarmed guard sits with their hands up. "Open the door!" The robber commands and the man with the roaming eyes immediately does so. For a long moment there is quiet except for the sounds made by the horses. The masked man takes his time looking over the people in the coach. Everyone is wondering what he wants. Fear and nervousness can be clearly seen in the man with the roaming eyes while the other man has a blink expression on his face. The robber quickly looks up at the driver and guard then turns back towards the passengers in the coach. The older woman is fluffing her hair and Lori is sitting very still with a look that is hard to explain on her cute young face. Lori feels very odd. The mask does not hide the robber's eyes. Eyes that Lori has seen before. Eyes that made her feel like she was melting inside. Eyes that did not look directly at her at any time as far as she could tell. Eyes that made her chest feel tight and full. Eyes that shook her virginity to its roots without a single closet anywhere in sight to scurry to for safety against physical dislodge.

"Get out!" That was the only thing that the robber said. For a moment there was no response by anyone inside of the coach. For a moment she pretended that she did not hear. No words, no movements and then she climb's out of the wagon and stands near its door. The robber looks up towards the driver. "This young woman has some bags up there. Throw them down." The robber told the driver. "Hay now mister, there aint no cause for this." The armless guard said. "Throw her bags down!" The robber repeated. A thump as three bags hits the ground. "Now what?" Asked the driver. "Now you inside close the door and you driver need to move out and get these people to town." Answered the robber. "Mister we can't leave that gal out here what do you want with her any how?" No response rendered to the driver's question. Lori has step off a little from the now closed door looking off in another direction from that of her immediate. No response, both driver and armless guard turn facing the front, a shout is heard and the stagecoach jolts to a start leaving a trail of dust behind it as it speeds down the road.

The robber watched the stagecoach until it had rode out of sight. Lori had now turn around and was facing him and she also watched as the stagecoach disappeared. On the ground lay three bags and a shotgun and on a horse sat a robber who had just pulled one off. Lori did not exactly know what to feel or think and the eyes enabled a positive identification even with the mask. In the store this morning she really thought that she had not been noticed and how wrong that assumption now appears as she stands under the unlawful clause of abduction by the same young man who had brushed against her in the store without looking so it seemed ever towards her. Run to where and protest is too late, fight and possibly get seriously hurt and so it looks like after all that she will be staying for a little longer and this has been decided by overriding any and all of her options and consenting.

Lori thought about making a play for the shotgun but the only thing about that is that she does not know how to use it and besides the opportunity for that swiftly vanished as the robber dismounted his horse and walked over and picked it up. After unloading the shotgun the robber picked up her bags then took them to his horse and strapped them down to the saddle and once that was done he removed his mask and to no surprise; yes, it is the same young man from the store this morning.

Willie walked over and stood directly in front of Lori who folded her arms across her chest and took a stance of defiance. "We have a good ride ahead of us so I think that we had better get going. It will be some while before that stagecoach reaches town so by the time that anyone is sent out searching for you we will be long gone from here and if you are wondering what it is that I want from you let me tell you now that what I want from you is you and if you have some trouble with that we have all winter to work it out." In a calm voice Willie spoke to Lori who said nothing at first then abruptly pushed him hard in the chest. "Man who do you think that you are? I am not going anywhere with you. You people out here are so wild and crude and the only place that we are going is back to that way station and if I feel generous when we arrive there I may not set the law on you." Lori said in a forceful tone of voice.

Willie looked Lori hard in the eyes for a long moment then he reached out and took hold of her placing her over one of his shoulders and walked back to his horse with her kicking her feet and hitting him on his back in protest. For a brief time Willie had to partially release Lori so that he could mount his horse by holding one of her wrists that she tried with all of her strength to pull it away from him and once mounted he slid his hand under her armpit and pulled her up unto the saddle with him. With his arms tightly wrapped around her waist Willie gave his horse the command to be on the way. For a little while Lori struggle with him in the saddle than suddenly she just stopped resisting because Lori had come to the conclusion that using her strength to fight against him was serving no useful purpose and since that was not working she would change her tactics and use her wits because certainly she could outwit this crude mountain goat and place herself on the offensive.

They rode silently for about twenty minuets and finally reached his horse that was loaded with the supplies that he had purchased in town. There was no room on that horse for Lori to ride and even if there were Willie would not have let her ride alone and be busied by her attempts of running off. With the horse loaded with the supplies in tow behind them Willie started out again. Since Lori had stopped struggling Willie had relaxed his grip around her waist and even unwisely lowered his guard by thinking of how good it felt to have a woman's body pressed so closely against his. Lori on the other hand was allowing this time to work to her advantage and her patience was given a supportive boost when Willie lightly kissed the back of her hair which caused Lori to smile inwardly knowing that her powers of influence were growing simply because she was not behaving like a weakling and nor was she acting like a wide untamed. This young man wants her and has gone to some lengths to get her even to the extent of placing his life in danger because who is to say that he could not have been shot a killed when he held up the stage. Lori smiled to herself again then her thoughts drifted off to this morning in the store when she turned the corner and first saw him.

The day had grown late and so it was time to find a place to settle down for the night. Natural shelter under consideration to shield the effects of the chill and wind a place is found supportive of this. The riders dismount and Willie clears what he needs away from the spot to make camp and collects wood to build a fire watching Lori every so often to see where he soft scented heist were and what she was doing. Being a child runaway taught Willie the fundamentals of camping and the need to eat strongly persuaded him to take odd jobs one of which was in carpentry which he learned to do reasonable well but from very early on the act of straining muscles and sweating did not present themselves to him as lasting occupational endeavors and so although he did his work as well as he could his mind was ever in the pursuit of higher goals and yet there is also the satisfaction of a varied work knowledge base which makes him flexible in what he can do and in the way that he thinks.

"Surely by now word has gotten back to my father about what has happened and also surely men should be out by now looking for me and I wonder if this young man has really thought about the consequences of his actions today?" Lori thinks to herself as she sits in front of the fire that Willie has made. They both had just finished eating and were now sitting quietly. Willie looked over at Lori and saw a slight shiver, which prompted him to stand and go retrieve the blankets that he had unpacked earlier. Returning back to the fire Willie hands one of the blankets to Lori. Lori looked up at him, hesitated a few seconds then took the blanket that Willie was handing to her and wrapped herself with it. "Today this young man as done something very bold and very foolish and only the future can reveal if his want for the company of a woman was worth it when the ramifications of his actions must be dealt with by him." Lori adding this remark to her chain of thought.

Being an orphan Willie has no knowledge of a family history. At the age of nine he became a runaway and has been pretty much on his own since that time. Unlike many young runaway's tales of tragedy and woe are very scant occurrences so far in his life and he has managed for the most part to acquaint himself with a few decent people who have given him much encouragements about being a success in life. Like everyone Willie has had his hard times and having no known family line only has inspired him to create one of his own by admiring people of insight and vision and acquired knowledge as his parental examples. The count of two is his romantic relationships in the past with women and those two were middle aged Adults who gave him much useful instructions in the intimates and the generics in a wide variety of behavioral aptitudes for conducting and managing his life and dealing with a female.

Willie went thought his times with both of them but in it has had the wisdom to use these times as learning experience. A few years past he left Chicago where he had been settled for a number of years and was only passing through Minnesota when he decided just to lay low for a bit to get his bearings and to enjoy the areas scenic beauty. Since traveling deeper west the picturesque mountain ranges has caught his fancy and just out of curiosity he usually would explore them and it is during one of these expeditions that Willie stumbles across the cave that contained a small vain of gold. Ninety nine point nine percent pure the vain of gold although small was in possession of a good deal of wealth and that is why Willie build the cabin and has been living in the mountains for the past number of years.

The only parents that Lori really knows is her aunt and uncle and it were not until age fourteen did she began corresponding with her father. Good Christian folks and storeowners they have always afforded Lori a decent standard of living along with their five other birth children. They have always sought to treat all of the children the same but the fact that Lori was adopted by them always lingered just above or just below the family picture frame. Not the oldest but the most responsible of the six children Lori has always been gifted with a more advanced level of maturity than most her age and many that are much older. Many people would describe Lori as being head strong or uppity but others admire her quiet strength. Lori cannot recall exactly when it begin and possibly when she began to fully appreciate that she was adopted did her desire to be own her own and idea to start her own family started developing and growing. Partly this is one of the reasons that she decided to travel to Minnesota as a means to get from under a parental roof and the other reason was of course to meet her real father. Lori has never courted and as she has gotten older the idea of a beau has become a growing consideration of hers. Senders began crackling in the fire and some of them popped out beyond it and this noisy activity shook Lori out of her thoughts and back into her surroundings.

Standing quickly as if he had just received a spiritual message Willie walked away from Lori and the fire and out into the growing darkness. He had suddenly remembered what he intended to do and that is to collect enough firewood so that he can keep the fire burning all night. Chilly all day and growing colder now, all of the signs are showing that it will be an early winter and probably one just as long as the last. Last winter for weeks at a time Willie was basically snow bounded inside of his cabin and this forced enclosure amplified his awareness of being alone to the point of so annoying more than a many times that he found himself snow-locked. Willie has milked about as much as he can from the cave and with that being more and more evident there is no reason now to prolong his stay. One last winter and he is done but just the same one last winter all alone is not a prospect that is particularly inviting to some woman's son, thus, solution primary equals woman and remedy acquired equals Lori, which is to say that by anyone's count one plus one equals a soft feminine warm body sharing the bedroom.

Willie has walked off and has left Lori by herself. This is an opportunity for Lori to run away from him. Lori turns as she sits looking all around her and sees nothing but pure wilderness and the growing shadows of the coming night. Opportunity analyzed, this opportunity dismissed. Now is not the proper time and location for her to run off in the blind because not knowing exactly where she is or how to get where she wants to go is not a very wise set of conditions for her to move in the unfamiliar wilderness.

About five to six times Willie returns to the makeshift campsite and leaves again each time leaving a pile of firewood behind. "This should be enough wood to keep the fire burning until we break camp in the morning." Willie informs Lori after he has made the final trip for wood. Lori glances at the pile of wood then at the fire and said nothing in comment to the information that she had just been given. "One more night after this one on the trail and we will have reached the cabin by mid morning of the following day." Willie tells Lori. Still standing Willie studies Lori deeply for a few moments and then takes a seat near the fire. "I can understand your agitation about how I have upset your plans." Willie says calmly. "I can understand your not wanting to talk to me." Willie continued. "But I want you to understand that whether you like it or not that you are my woman now and if you make up your mind to accept this as a fact you and I will get along very well. You probably think that I were not paying you any attention in that store this morning but believe me young woman you dazzled my eyes the instant that you rounded that corner and the reason that I behaved the way that I did was because I needed to get my mind right on what I had to do." After saying this Willie grew quiet. Lori glanced at him then at the fire and then wrapped herself tightly with the blanket.

"What should I be thinking and what should I be feeling? I have been kidnapped and totally abducted by a man that I have never set eyes on before until this morning and now he calmly sits here and tells me that I should accept the fact that I am now his woman. I am taken and I am held by a young man who wants female companionship for the months of winter and after winter then what will be my use? What should I do or what should I not do to gain control of a situation that has been placed upon me? For some time now I have been yearning to have a relationship with a beau. For some time now I have been yearning to experience the full endowments of my womanhood. How can I accept something that I have not consented to and how can I lay aside my self-determination even for such an appealing beau? If only I had met him some weeks earlier when I was still toying with a final decision as the whether I should leave or whether I should stay when there were no pressure applied by my leaving and no reason for him to behave hastily. A fact accepted is that a man has taken me against my will. A fact accepted is that the probability is extremely high that I shall not get out of this without the lost of my virginity." Lori was staring into the fire allowing its flames to stimulate her thoughts. She raised her head and looked at Willie very hard and very long then shifted her eyes to the night sky that was visible between the trees. "How close and beautiful are the stars out west and I had never imagined that there were so many of them." Lori thoughtfully reflected.

It has been a very emotional day for Lori and now her mind and body really feels it yet during the day only judging by looks one would suppose that the young lady was taking everything in stride, that is of course viewing her from the outside which did not display in details what was going on with her inside. As she sat bundled up in the blanket next to the campfire Lori drifted off to sleep. Today has been an emotional ride and sitting still slumping slightly forward the weariness settled in on her and before long she was fast asleep. When Willie realized that Lori was now soundly sleeping he stood from where he was sitting and using the bedroll and a blanket he made a bed on the ground then he went over to Lori and roused her leading her to the bed that he had just prepared. Stirred awake Lori protested a little but let him lead her to the bed just the same and once settled down Lori was soundly asleep again in short order with Willie now reseated tenderly watching her. Dark red hair and bright green eyes and a creamy spotless complexion Lori made a fine picture of herself one that Willie's admiring eyes found hard to escape. Willie and Lori being together now had not come at all under ideal conditions but night is here and the day is gone and perhaps with the coming of a new day there will also come a disposition for acceptance and compliance for how events have unfolded this day.

Emitting a red glow is the pile of hot ambers that is the first thing that comes to Lori's notice when she opens her eyes just before daybreak. Very soon afterwards she becomes aware of the warm body closely holding hers. Sometime during the night as she slept Willie had laid down beside her and also fallen asleep. Covered with blankets, closely held in the arms of a young man Lori is protected by warmth from the early morning cold. Heat from the burning ambers adds to the warmth and Lori ponders as to if this is how it must feel to be a married woman. Daylight is quickly approaching, she feels a little hungry but is hesitant to move in fear of stirring the young man. His body snuggly against hers, mutual body heat producing comfort, a new day has come with a morning beginning very differently than the last one. The man stirs and tightens his grip on her. He stirs again and tightens his grip even more and again he stirs and Lori begins pushing herself free of him sitting up as she is doing so. With physical contact now broken that added warmth is gone and a morning chill quickly moves in and replaces his body warmth that caressed her during her awakening moments.

Now that he is awake the first thing to do is to add more wood and then he will walk out from camp a little ways to relieve himself. Willie has consideration for but is not overly concerned about the search party that is surely out looking for Lori. He believes that he has covered his tracks well by using his knowledge of the terrain. The only time that he is seen in town is on those long intervals in between occasions that he goes there for supplies and those occasions are strictly to the point and brief. Lori walks off to take care of her own Personals and while she is gone the fresh wood that was placed on the hot ambers catch and ignites into a blaze. A pot of water is then placed very near it for warming so that they can each wash up. Even in the mountains Willie maintains his cleanliness and grooming and keeps himself neat in appearance reasoning that just because he lives in the mountains does not mean that he has to look and smell like one of its goats but this also has much to do with self-esteem and the look of success that his personal hygiene and tailoring should be kept at its best.

The campfire is properly extinguished, the makeshift camp is broken down, the horses are saddled and loaded and the two riders are mounted only this time with Lori seated behind Willie on the saddle. The day and the following night are uneventful as they make their way. From the morning of the robbery even to now Lori has not put up a really serous fuss and not because she is submissive and meek but maybe because she was caught languishing between to uninspiring positions in her life and then out of the blue came a new avenue, which the way that it appeared she does not approve but the fact that it did come has excited her curiosity and given her adventure. For so long she has felt enclosed and now she feels that a weigh has been lifted from her shoulders and now that her weigh is lighter she can come out fully of herself and place force behind considered directions.

At a certain point on the incline they had to dismount and walk the rest of the way. The manner in which they have come over the past few days would be a difficult trail for a search party to follow if it is not an expert one and given this at this point in time Lori has pretty much conceded any rescue coming from an outside party so now it all comes down to her resolve and wits to create a success from a disadvantage and really to think about it this is the appropriate way that this should be because she has very, very seldom asked for assistance when faced with a challenge. The foremost thing to consider is that she is dealing with a lonely young man who has addressed this issue by behaving recklessly and next there is his choice as he had available to him others but he specifically selected her as his chosen for a companion which would indicate that she has elements of control in-which she can employ to influence him. Lori has not put up a fuss because that would achieve no positive results and probably would only have made this time in captivity harsh and abrasive and therefore only complicating a delicate situation.

Surrounded by trees on the slope of a mountain is the log cabin where Willie lives. Larger than Lori had envisioned and looking surprisingly well build there is more to say about this mountain cabin, at least in its outside appearance than that of the house in town where her father lives. They stop some feet away from the cabin and Willie turns to Lori and say, "Well this is it." That statement made by Willie contained more depth to it than it implied because there was a newness about the cabin now that he felt as he looked on it. The cabin was no longer a lonely shelter but a place that is to be housed with a female presence and that gave it an entirely different appearance in Willie's eyes. Lori also saw beyond the outward appearance and into the cabin in-depth and saw herself living with a man in the likeness of marriage without the ring and ceremony nor any vowed commitments. No formal introductions, no period of courting, no sentimental agreements, no privilege to say yes or no simply a young man with a caveman approach dragging her off by her skirts to his den for an intimate relationship is the silent statement made from the appearance of the cabin that Lori sees as she stands looking towards it from a distance.

It has been three days now since their arrival at the cabin and as of yet Willie has not made any inappropriate advances towards Lori, which she should be pleased about but possibly because of female vanity she is not. Regardless of his arrogance Lori cannot get pass her initial impression that so stimulated her interest in him. Since they have been in the cabin he has been very kind and respectful of her. He seems to enjoy talking to her and she listens and lately she has even engaged in mild conversation with him. Sparsely furnished the cabin is very neat and tidy and he has cleverly used water runoff from higher up the mountain to accommodate indoor plumbing and the only thing thus far that she has been required to do is to prepare the food while each day for a few hours he leaves the cabin and goes to the cave which is where he was now as Lori sat on the porch pondering about him in an effort to figure out his motives for kidnapping her beyond his desire to have a female around that he can talk to.

It is only a few minutes pass the noon of the day that Lori sits on the porch outside of the cabin and she decided to do this because today is a mild sunny day as opposed to the previous days that had been very gray and chilly. Willie had been telling her of his plans and about his reason for living here in the mountains alone for the past few years and he has even given her the option of accompanying him to California during the spring or if she wished, to be generously compensated for her inconvenience and troubles that he has caused her. With very little hindrance Lori's physical attraction to Willie has also been enhanced by a growing fondness of him as a person during this time that they have been together in the cabin. For some time Lori has been toying with the idea of a romantic relationship and it seems that her idea has finally caught up with her in the person and the beau who is self-appointed to realize this held idea of hers is by no means consideration repulsive.

It has not exactly been easy going for Willie to keep his hands from Lori over the past few days but once they had reached the cabin he thought it best to give her a short while to become settled before he made advances on her. The main purpose for him bringing her to the mountains is for her company and companionship and not to free feed any already aroused hostilities that she feels towards him. She has been given her privacy and some distance but the allotment of settlement time has wound down and the tenderness of a woman's body he is now more than ready to feel. With what little gold that is left becoming harder to get Willie's interest in working the vain for the last remaining nibbles has plummeted and considering the presence of the young woman now working in the cave has gone severely cold.

Sitting on the porch Lori's eyes follows Willie as he casually approaches the cabin. He has done little if any work in the cave today as evidenced by the fact that his cloths are not dirty. What a fine looking man he is Lori thinks with no feelings of shame about feeling this way of him. He walks up to the bottom step and stops. Lori raises her head and looks him in the eyes as he stands there motionless directly in front of her. A wave of excitement runs through her as she reads the message spoken in loud silence to her in his lovely eyes. She wondered why he has not and now he is going to and maybe just maybe she really wants him to. Slowly Willie sinks to the bottom step on his knees taking the front of Lori's skirts and moving them to her knees. She tightly grips the edge of the porch with her hands leaning backwards slightly as Willie now takes her just below the knees and spreads her legs apart. The winter maybe long and the winter maybe cold but sunlight will shine even in blizzard now that Lori is a companion of Willie's on the slopes of a mountain.

By Tashi - Born in Daytona Beach Florida but raised in Jacksonville Florida. Served in the U.S.Army as an armor crewman from 1974 to 1977. Have been working with computers since 1978.  

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