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Maine GOP Caucus Completed After Snow Delay |

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STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - A Swedish man was dug out alive after being snowed in to his car on a forest track for two months cheap air jordans
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jordan fusion shoes with no food, police and local media reported on Saturday.
The 45-year-old from southern Sweden was found on Friday, emaciated and too weak to utter more than a few words.
He was found not far from the city of Umea in the north of Sweden by snowmobilers who thought they had come across a car wreck until they dug their way to a window and saw movement inside.
The man, who was laying in the back seat in a sleeping bag, said he had been in the car since December 19.
"Just incredible that he's alive considering that he had no food, but also since it's been really cold for some time after discount air jordan
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cheap air max jordans Christmas, " a rescue team member told regional daily Vasterbottens-Kuriren, which broke the news.
Ebbe Nyberg, duty officer at the Umea police, said police saw no reason to doubt that the man had been stuck in the car for a very long time.
"We would not make something like this up. The rescue services were on site too and saw the same as us, " he told Vasterbottens-Kuriren.
Umea University Hospital, where the man is recovering after being rescued by police and a rescue team, said in a statement he was doing well considering the circumstances.
Doctors at the hospital said humans would normally be able to survive for about four weeks without food. Besides eating snow, the man probably survived by going into a dormant-like state, physician Stefan Branth told Vasterbottens-Kuriren.
"A bit like a bear that hibernates. Humans can do that, " he said. "He probably had a body temperature of around 31 air max jordans
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cheap air jordans degrees (Celsius) which the body adjusted to. Due to the low temperature, not much energy was used up."ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) - Authorities say a Florida pastor's daughter who was accidentally shot in the head in a church died Saturday at a hospital.
The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office says 20-year-old Hannah Kelley was pronounced dead at about 10:20 a.m. Saturday at Bayfront Medical Center. An autopsy is pending.
Kelley had been hospitalized since Feb. 12, when she was struck in the head by a bullet at Grace Connection Church in St. Petersburg, where her father Tim Kelley is pastor.
Investigators have said Moises Zambrana was showing his gun in a small closet to another church member interested in buying a firearm. The St. Petersburg Times reports (http://bit.ly/w9KoLn ) that the other church member, Dustin Bueller, was Hannah Kelley's fiance.
Zambrana reportedly removed the magazine from the Ruger 9mm weapon but did not know that a round was still in the chamber. The gun went off, firing a bullet through a wall. Kelley was struck in the head.FLORENCE, Ariz. (AP) - A sheriff seeking the GOP nomination for jordan air max
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cheap air max jordans an Arizona congressional seat was forced to confirm he is gay Saturday and resigned from presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's Arizona committee amid allegations of misconduct made by a man with whom he previously had a relationship.
Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu denied claims he tried to threaten the man, a Mexican immigrant and a former campaign volunteer, with deportation if their past relationship was made public. The man's allegations were first published Friday in the Phoenix New Times, an alternative weekly magazine.
Babeu, a first-term sheriff who has risen to national prominence with his strong opposition to illegal immigration and smuggling, said the accusations were an attempt to hurt his political career.
He vowed to continue his campaign in Arizona's rural 4th Congressional District seat, but said he had called presidential air max jordans
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discount air jordan candidate Mitt Romney's staff to say he would step down from his post as state campaign co-chair.
"This whole rumor, this whole of idea of who I am in my private life has been shopped around, " Babeu told reporters during an hour-long press conference Saturday in front of his sheriff's office. "This was a way, the hook, of how this could be brought out, and to malign and attack a sheriff who does stand for conservative principals, who does enforce the law."
The man's lawyer, Melissa Weiss-Riner, released a statement Saturday saying the man retained her firm's services cheap air jordan
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buy nike free because he was contacted by Babeu's attorney and "felt intimidated."
"Jose continues to live in fear, and is currently in the process of moving again, " she said. "Therefore, he is not available to speak with the media at this time."
Weiss-Riner earlier told the New Times that Babeu's attorney and campaign consultant falsely told her client that his visa had expired. Babeu told reporters he believed the man, identified only by his first name Jose, was living in the country legally.
The New Times posted a photo provided by the man of the two embracing. It also posted a cellphone self-portrait nike free shoes
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cheap nike free run of a smiling Babeu in his underwear and another of what appears to be the shirtless sheriff in a bathroom, posted on a gay Dating website. The man provided the magazine with photos of himself and Babeu and text messages between the two. Babeu didn't deny their authenticity.
The huge congressional district where Babeu is seeking election runs from western Arizona all the way to the desert south of Phoenix. Its voters are heavily Republican and generally very conservative.
Babeu issued a sweeping denial of any wrongdoing in front of his headquarters. The press conference was attended by about three dozen high-ranking uniformed deputies, local elected officials and citizens.
"I'm here to say that all the allegations that were in the story were untrue - except for the instance that refers to me as gay, " Babeu said. "That's the truth - I am gay."
He said he didn't have the power as a nike free run
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nike free local sheriff to get anyone deported.
Babeu, who is not married, said he had been in a relationship with Jose that ended sometime before September. Jose also ran his campaign website and Twitter account, and Babeu said he began posting derogatory items on the sites after their breakup.
Babeu said he had his lawyer contact Jose and demand that he stop and turn over passwords allowing access to the sites. Babeu said the postings and actions amounted to identity theft but that he chose to deal with the matter privately through his lawyer.
Weiss-Riner's statement Saturday said that as a campaign volunteer, Jose created and maintained several websites and accounts at Babeu's request from approximately 2008 through late 2011. She did not elaborate.
It's wasn't immediately clear if Babeu's admission would hurt him politically, but his primary opponents came out swinging.
Babeu is taking on an incumbent tea party Republican who switched districts, U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, and state Sen. Ron Gould, a conservative from northwestern Arizona, in August's 4th District primary.
Gould said he believed Babeu's posting of pictures on what the lawmaker called a "homosexual hookup website" were a "Congressman Weiner type of moment."
"The real issue here is the poor judgment of a government official, posting those kinds of photos on a public website, " Gould said. "I think that shows a lack of good judgment."
He also said he believes Babeu's sexual orientation would hurt him in the district. Gould sponsored Arizona's constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman, an amendment he said drew extremely strong support in the rural counties he and Babeu seek to represent.

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