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A Holiday ProposalHow To Finish Your Holiday Popping (the Question).

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For many, it becomes a big problem. Fortunately, this time of year, a season known for giving, provides a number of opportunities to give those planning to pop the question inspiration.

"The holidays are a time when people get together with family and give gifts, right? So, even if you're drawing a complete blank on how to propose, you really can't go wrong by asking your partner to marry you as she opens that very special gift, " said Paul A. Falzone, CEO of eLove, one of the world's largest online Dating and matchmaking services. "Of course, it can be even better if you want to include your families as part of the proposal since the holidays do provide that opportunity as well."

However, if you are looking to be a little bit mysterious or creative in how you propose, the holidays set a nice diversion. Some of the holiday-themed proposals Falzone recommends are:

Surprise Santa Visit - Instead of giving her the ring while opening up her other presents, hire a Santa to deliver it in person (see if you can recruit a friend if paying for the ring has left you a little short). Try to time it after all the presents have been opened, then text your Santa to come to the door. This is a great and easy way to involve family and friends as well.
Say it with lights - Get out the holiday lights and arrange them on a large board or somewhere in your home. Have them spell out, will you marry me? This will be far more effective than any scoreboard message at the ballgame or sky writing.
Good things in large packages, too - If you decide to go the present under the tree route, you might want to go for a little deception and pack your gift in a large box (with a smaller box inside that, etc, etc.). Of course, she will probably get the drift that something is up after the first box but that will give family members time to get their cameras ready.
When she least expects it- some people think that proposing on Christmas day or Christmas Eve is too contrived. If you are looking for shock value, do it either many days before, or at the very end of the festivities (when they think if it didn't already happen, it won't!)
An ornament worth hanging - That's right, it may seem a little cheesy, but handing her a new ornament you picked up while decorating the tree might give you the surprise element you're looking for.
"Of course, if you are really stuck for ideas, you can never really go wrong with getting down on one knee, " said Falzone. "Still, it's a landmark moment in your life. While you will always remember her answer, making it extra special by doing some fun or creative is just icing on the cake."

eLove is all you need
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