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Internet provides way reach to people across the worldwide. The speed of communication has beat limits of any technological change that has come about earlier. It has brought about a paradigm into picture that has changed the lives of millions all across.

The interactive Internet has brought about a change in how people think, thanks to huge transmission of information that is taking place. The Internet has undoubtedly become a meeting ground for the people. The messaging is very fast and cheap.

The wonders of Internet has transferred the social lives of people and consequently relationship building process what we call Dating or in terms of being online on www it is called online dating. All advantage of Internet automatically transfer down to this match Dating process.

Coming straight to the point there may be a devil lurking in the Adult Personals ads that you would seek on dating site to make a match on Net. The profiles can be anonymously added to the online Personals, as is the norm in order not to disclose your identity in the first instance to all members. However, one aspect should be clear after you have judged on the surface the true nature of your prospective date you should disclose him or her, your identity whence you decide to meet, or earlier, if sufficient confidence building has taken place.

A relationship is in offing for you now. However, this may not happen on some occasions, for there may be a cheat in your contact who may not be interested in an honest relationship or in being a reliable partner. He/she may be there in for using you for any purpose from extracting personal information to sexually abusing you or he/she may be a criminal in for some malicious act.

One has to be cautious when free dating online since face to face meeting may come after very little communication has taken place online. There are few safety precautions you can take while meeting a relatively unknown person that will make your online experience in dating a happy one.

First, be sure you are a member of a reliable dating site, which has some means of screening profiles, or verifying personal information or contact details. Check profiles in other dating sites if possible for a con usually will be in other Personals ads displaying a different profile and if so then distance yourself immediately.

When in communication with a prospective date online remember never to give personal details of financial nature, your home address and those relating to whatever weak points you may have or difficulties you may be going through at that time for these can be exploited easily by a professional con. At some point or other, your personal email ID may have to be given or perhaps a contact number...Just limit yourself to that.

When you decide to meet, remember the meeting should be organized in a busy restaurant or some public place, never at a lonely spot or personal dwellings. If things do not work out to your liking, you can make a safe exit from there. Try to fix first few meetings in day hours to be safer, a lunch date is not a bad idea at all. Always keep your friends and or relatives informed about your movement so that help can come if things get uneasy.

Try to find out more details about the person through communication and from his work place, friends network, or whatever methods you can employ - it pays to play safe.

You may have a dream date find, just the one you have been in quest for. Nevertheless, romance or Sex at first instance is a strict no. You do not wish to fall in arms of and already married person or a Sex addict.

After the initial attract is over you can develop ignorance or intense dislike for the person, so it is better to make sure, before you take a fall into any friendship, discreet or open relationship.

Live dating on Internet is great fun and productive if you take some basic precautions. It is a better method for discovering romant dates than the conventional methods employed before the advent of Internet. So go ahead and succeed.

By john waltzer - i am a freelance writer and web designer.  

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