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The History Of Cape Coral Florida

It all started back in 1957 and was developed as a master-planned, pre-platted community. Located in Lee County, Florida, United States, the city of Cape Coral had in 2009 a population of 162, 852. It is the largest city located between Tampa and Miami, with an area of 120 square miles, making it the second largest city in all Florida. It is a principal city in the Cape Coral - Fort Myers, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Thanks to the fact that it has over 400 miles of navigable waterways, the city is known as a "waterfront wonderland", offering more miles of canals than any other city in the entire world.

Let's go back to its roots; as we said, it was founded in 1957 when real estate developers Leonard and Jack Rosen bought a 103-square-mile tract known as Redfish Point for the sum of $678, 000. One year later, in 1958, began the development of the city as a master-planned, pre-platted community. To develop this aforementioned "waterfront wonderland", the GAC - Gulf American Corporation was formed.

For this reason, canals were dug, streets were paved, and business and houses were built. The city of Cape Coral was promoted like no other development in all the Florida state. To tout the benefits of the city, various celebrities were brought. The very first building constructed was the Rosens' company headquarters, located at the corner of Coronado and Cape Coral Parkway. The city's first permanent resident was Kenny Schwartz, who was the general manager of the Rosens. In May 1958, the first four houses were finished on the Flamingo and Riverside Drives.

The development of the city continued through the early 60s, mostly in the Redfish Point area, situated south of Cape Coral Parkway. In 1963, the city's population reached 2, 850 inhabitants and by that time there were already 1, 300 buildings either finished or in construction. In addition, 160 miles of canals had been dug and 80 miles of road have been built. By that time, a golf course, shopping center, medical clinic and a public yacht club were already up and running.

Opened in early 1964, one of the city's most important additions was the construction of the 3, 400 feet long Cape Coral Bridge across the Caloosahatchee River. Before this bridge was inaugurated, a trip to Fort Myers was more than 20 miles via the Del Prado Boulevard and over the Edison Bridge to cross the river.

Six years later, in 1970, the city incorporated that August, and its population continued to ascend in a fast matter. Before the 1990s, the city of Cape Coral was known as a community with many retired residents, but in the 90s, the situation changed with a construction and population boom, attracting more and younger families and professionals. 20% of the city's population consists of seasonal residents.

In the present, the city is a home to a wide array of businesses, retail as well as restaurants on its major arteries: Del Prado Boulevard, Cape Coral Parkway, Pine Island Road and Santa Barbara Boulevard.

As far as the climate is concerned, it averages an impressive 355 days of sunshine annually, but experiences 145 days per year of precipitations. Nevertheless, it is one of the most sought-after cities in all the United States.

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