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Atlanta's Dating Scene: Three Local Date Spots You Shouldn't Miss

Taking in Atlanta's nightspots and date venues has become something of a challenge in recent years, given how popular Atlanta has become and the sheer number of restaurants, theaters, museums and other attractions. While there are plenty of places around Atlanta to go on a date, there are some that stand out as being particularly special. For those wishing to rekindle a romantic flame with a husband or wife, these venues for romance in Atlanta should provide just the right spark.

1. Chateau Elan winery and Hotel. This hotel, winery, spa, and golf resort is situated just a few miles outside Atlanta, and provides one of the most casual, comfortable and romantic date venues in the state. Located in Braselton, Georgia, Chateau Elan may just be the perfect first date venue as well as the best all-around date spot in the area. With comfortable, newly renovated rooms, several French-inspired restaurants, and the nicest hotel spa for miles, a weekend at Chateau Elan is sure to be a hit. While overnight stays are generally frowned upon on a first date, a short trip up to the Le Clos restaurant for a romantic evening dinner is bound to score a few brownie points for your admittance to the elusive second date club.

2. Finding the time to visit the High museum of art at 1280 Peachtree street in downtown shouldn't be too difficult. Open till five p.m. Friday through Sunday, You'll find that the museum presents the perfect late-afternoon weekend date spot in Atlanta. Recently expanded, the High Museum of Art boasts more than just stuffy paintings on neutral-colored walls. Inside, you'll find works of art not only of regional acclaim, but also classic works on loan from the High museum's partner overseas, the Louvre. Friday nights host a jazz series that is sure to strike a note with that special someone, Fulton county residents get free admission on the first Saturday of every month, everyone else pays between eleven dollars and eighteen dollars (adult admission.)

3. Stone mountain park is one of those places best suited for a date with someone who loves to go hiking. More than the train circling the mountain, and more than the sometimes overly touristy activities, weekday evenings at the park can make for some of the most spectacular hiking in Georgia. Offering one of the highest 360 degree views in Georgia (without traveling to north Georgia, ) Stone mountain park is the perfect spot for your outdoorsy date to have some mountain climbing fun.

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