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Seven Red Flag Dating Signs Women Should Not Ignore

In Dating women are often not seeing signs of what are considered 'red flags' in Dating. Women are often complaining about the little things they learn later when they're Dating someone. It's time to take a look at why these signs are important to see before getting too involved in someone to get out of things. A woman should always educate herself on things that she is wanting to and isn't going to live with and there are clearly things that don't make some men a good candidate for a relationship. The following seven signs are things a woman should be seriously paying attention to and making some decisions on whether she wants to deal with him or not:

He's still living at home-With the economy being the way it is many are heading back to their parents houses to get themselves stable, but you have some men who have yet to step out of the comforts of their mother's house. This is not something a woman should be tolerating because if she can get out and be a responsible and mature adult then she should expect the same from a potential partner. It should be acceptable if he's home caring for ailing parents or fell on hard times. If he's home and hasn't been actively looking for a job then you start to wonder is he going to be this way in a future relationship or marriage. If circumstances do not warrant moving home to mom's house he needs to be in his own place with a steady job. If you're working and paying bills then your guy should be on the same page as you are if he's not then it may be time for you to move on.

He's moving way too fast-A woman who's serious about someone is going to take her time and if she meets a man who's moving faster than she is that's a serious red flag. That indicates a man not being able to be alone and is seeking a woman who will be around to help him solve his problems. If a guy cannot fix his own problems without a woman helping him every step of the way you'll wear yourself out dealing with little boys instead of grown men. Some men have issues socializing and the only way they'll be able to get a woman is to rush into something long enough to hold on to her. This not only will drive a woman away, but this could make women keep their distance from Dating. If a man is trying to rush Sex or getting into a relationship right away that's a serious red flag to pay attention to.

He's still getting calls or emails from ex-girlfriends-This kind of behavior warrants no excuses unless the man has children with this person an ex should not still be calling once a man has moved on. If exes are still calling, emailing, and coming around he's not over his ex. Why should YOU be second banana in a man's life if he can't let his ex(es) know that he's moved on then you may have to do the same no woman should ever lower herself to second class status in a man's life and especially if he can't get over his exes. This could also be a man's way of combating loneliness by having you around to fill in the excessive free time he may have on his hands.

He's got a thing for pointing fingers-A man who's mature will take responsibility for his actions and accepts the consequences of those actions. If the guy is constantly pointing fingers at you or others he's not a person who takes personal accountability seriously. You are not the scapegoat for a man's situation that he brought on himself and if a man has to go that route because he's not a person who can deal with what he dishes out you need to look at the long-term aspects of dealing with a man like that and it can become stressful for you and for the health of a relationship. It's time to move on if a man can't be honorable enough to take responsibility for his actions.

He's got issues with money management-That's a bigger red flag is a man who can't manage his own money. Be wary of men who are always asking you to pay for things and is frequently broke. If a man can't take you out like a proper gentleman you don't need to be with him. You also don't want to marry someone who can't be responsible financially and be aware of men who don't pay any bills or have levels of financial responsibility such as paying a mortgage or car note every month. One other clue is to see if pays ALL bills on time each month without going short. If he's spending money on other things than his monthly bills and obligations then you know you're dealing with a serious red flag in your face.

He's gotten too comfortable in the relationship-It's one thing to get into your role in the relationship, but when a man starts getting way too comfortable in the relationship by going from doing nice things for you to being romantic and all of that stopping abruptly. Complacent behavior is one of the detriments of a dating relationship and when a man is too complacent you're wondering does he value the relationship as much as he thinks. If this is how he does most of his relationships this doesn't help you because you'll wear yourself out dealing with someone who is like this. One of the many clues it's time to move on.

Counterproductive behavior-This level of behavior is what can cause a lot of women to want to throw in the towel and leave a man because a man who's chronically unemployed, broke, and who isnt actively doing something constructive with his life. Counterproductivity is enough to make any woman decide that a man is too immature to be in a relationship if he can't do things without someone having to tell him to do things that he knows he should be doing for himself. Examples of counterproductive behavior is not cleaning up after himself, doing laundry, taking out the trash, and even washing dishes. If you identified behavior that is counterproductive it's time to move on.

Being in a relationship is wonderful, but you want to make sure that you are getting what you deserve and need in a healthy mature relationship. There are a lot of things that don't belong in a relationship and the six things listed are some of what are declared red flags in a relationship. You should watch the signs because it will save you a lot of unwanted stress and aggravation and dealing with someone who clearly has some issues to work on.

Red flags are there to keep you from making major mistakes in a relationship and you want to look at each and every sign that comes your way. Love is great, but it's better when shared with someone who is not giving off indicators that read unsuitable all over them. Every day you meet people and many have things in their backgrounds that make you question whether you should even consider them for anything.

Be proactive in weeding out the unfortunates who can't give you what you need in a relationship and scroll past the ones you identified as being unsuitable for dating and don't give them a minute of your time. When we as women stop giving time and attention to men who can't give us what we need and to treat us with kindness and respect in a relationship we will see that life is a lot easier to deal with and we can think and function more clearly.

By Nafeesah R. Abdullah - I have been a writer for over 15 years having published work in 4 student newspapers and currently publishing work online with AC and other outlets along with private clients. I have a bachelor's degree in S...  

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