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Bartenders' Best Adult Dating Tips

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The hardworking people that serve drinks all night have seen it all when it comes to adult dating and hookupsfrom cheesy pickup lines and sneaky seductive moves. They know what exactly works and what doesn't because they see all the action. Here are a few adult dating tips from bartenders in the hippest bars in the country.

It's a fail-proof way to meet guys - It's a bold move, but if you go stay at a bar alone, you're bound to get hit on all night.

You need two wing women - You wouldn't want to come in with a large group of women because it's going to be difficult for men to approach you, but you need to bring more than one. When there just the two of you, it's hard for a guy to start a conversation with one girl without making her friend look left out.

Go for the sexiest drink you can order - Pass on the Appletinis or Mojitos. When you walk into a bar, order a nice glass of bourbon, like Hirsch, clean or on the rocks, or maybe a local brew. Guys will surely take notice and respect you more.

The move that works all the time - When a guy buys a girl a drink, it doesn't work every time, but when a girl sends a guy a drink, it is guaranteed they will leave the bar together.

Get the bartender to play matchmaker - Tip the bartender well and he or she may be able to hook you up. They have been known to send over free shots just to help a guy get a girl and vice versa.

The modus operandi you must have - The guaranteed way for you to have a great time is head to a place that's totally your scene, so you won't get bored or feel out of place. If you're in the market to meet guys, opt for a quieter and more laid-back bar.

Letting a guy know you're interested - A little eye contact works wonders. Here's what you should do: Look up, flash your most charming smile, and then look down flirtatiously. It will definitely get his attention, and know you won't blow him off.

Look friendly - Have a conversation with the bartender. This will make you seem friendly, and it will be easier for a guy to join in the conversation you have going than approach you on his own.

Let him know you want his number - The best way to do this is by simple, in-your-face honesty. Just say, "You should call me sometime." As the night progresses, most guys are normally too buzzed to catch subtlety anyway.

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