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What Men Should Know About Adult Dating Sites

Is it worth the time and money to join an Adult Dating site? Does anyone actually get laid by joining one of these sites?

Hundreds of men ask these questions every single day.

The following facts about online adult services will answer these questions.

Fact #1: Yes, there are men that meet and have Sex with adult site members.

I want to get this out of the way first. I'll talk a little more about this later.

Fact #2: The female members don't look like the women that are featured on the home pages of these Dating sites.

Well, the majority of them don't anyway.

Fact #3: Adult Dating sites hurt themselves by using shady methods to entice you to join.

Almost all Dating sites will let you set up a free profile to have a peek at the goods. That's when the sleazy tactics start...

Almost all of these sites set up a system that is designed to get you to pay to play. This usually involves sending you a variety of notifications (emails, flirts, etc.) from really hot "women" that are dying to get to know you - even though you just signed up and may not have even created a profile yet!

The trick is that you can't reply to any of these "women" unless you pay for a subscription. Once you do pay, you find out that you were tricked when you send out replies but never hear from these people again.

This is a tactic that works in the adult site industry. But it also gives the industry a big black eye. Thousands of men who consider joining an adult dating site decline to when they read stories from angry men who got scammed.

Fact #4: The truth is that thousands of real women looking for flings join adult sites every day.

Trust me. I've confirmed this for myself.

Here's the catch...

You have to be persistent. For men, there is not a favorable woman-to-man ratio at dating sites. It's possible that you might have to contact a dozen (or more) women before you score.

If you're older or out of shape, be prepared for a challenge. That's just the reality of it.

Don't bother contacting the women with the perfect looking pictures. They're either fake profiles created by the site owners or the pictures were stolen and used by the profile creator.

Bottom Line

Adult dating sites may adopt sleazy methods to get you to join, but you can get some action by using them.

Go to Google to locate the most popular websites. Create free profiles at 2 or 3 of them. Browse through the profiles and only pay attention to the ones that look genuine. If you decide to join, try to create a killer profile and be willing to put in some effort.

Good luck!

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