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"Nice Meeting You" By Phil Torcivia Book Review

"Nice Meeting You" by Phil Torcivia, like his other books, uses (sometimes crude) humor to express the authors thoughts about Dating, relationships, and more. While the book is not intended for all audiences, I found the book to be rather enjoyable, as will most mature Adults.

Phil Torcivia is a divorcee that lives in California. His book is about his experiences as he deals with divorce and plunges back into the Dating scene. Some of the musings are about his own personal experiences but some are based upon his observations of others in the Dating world. He also touches on a few other interesting subjects. There are also a few serious points where he talks about his divorce.

The book is not a deep read. It is defnitely more comedy based. The musings are short and move very quickly. While some readers may find this as a weak point, many people, like me, will find that it complements their lifestyle very well. In fact, it was probably one of my favorite qualities of the book. You can take it anywhere and read it during those short lulls in your daily life - like the doctor's office.

"Nice Meeting You's" strong point is the author's ability to be straight with his audience. He doesn't fluff it up, he doesn't censor himself. It is real thinking, real musing, real thought. It is exactly what you know that every man on Earth is thinking, not some feminized version that you know is half made up. There are likely to be some interesting surprises, however, once you delve into the minds of men.

The book's weak point is the fact that it is not suitable for all audiences. If you are offended by crude talk, this book isn't for you. I also advice that you keep the book from all minors. However, if you are a mature adult, I believe it would be safe to say that you will be laughing all the way through the book like I did!

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