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Adult Online Dating Services Can't Compete With The Old-fashioned Way To Meet People

Compared with the old-fashioned Personals ad, internet Dating services are far and away the most sophisticated way for adult singles to meet other busy Adults online. With lives now as hectic as they are, many singles today have not only to deal with a full-time job and house payment, but oftentimes their every waking hour is spent caring for children. The landscape of online dating has changed in the ten years or so in which many of the biggest internet Dating services have been in operation, as well. Previously a highly anonymous activity, it was not unusual to hear about a young boy or girl falling victim to predatory Adults through online dating sites thinking that they were talking with teens their own age. Through Dateline's "To catch a predator, " this practice of preying on young people has been brought out of the internet chat rooms, and now gets discussed in living rooms.

Certainly there have been advances in the safety of those Adults who choose to actively use internet dating services, such as detailed screening processes for candidates, improved awareness of the dangers of trusting some online "friends" too readily in the real world, or with personal information, and of predator's realization that there are serious consequences to being caught, and the potential of even being killed when their online profile moves from Myspace to their local sheriff's office sexual predator information board.

Even with all these advances, however, there is still no better way to meet new people than to go out in the real world and say hello to someone. That girl in the coffee shop from Brazil with the knockout brown eyes might say no to a date with a five-foot tall goofball with grease in his hair, but if that goofball makes a confident effort to be someone who that type of woman will be attracted to (washing hair, brushing teeth, and not wearing a dirty "World of Warcraft" babes t-shirt will help!)

Try this: Buy a suit, or two, and wear them along with whatever decent clothes you own. Two hundred bucks will get you a nice one, and make your first impression last. She won't remember you, of course, until you become a regular, and that may take a few weeks. Always use her first name, but don't compliment her unless she made you a special coffee before and you're dying to try it again. These women wear uniforms, and although they might look great in them, they probably don't think so, and your compliment will come across as being crass.

After she learns your name, and knows your drink, you can talk personally. Such questions as "How's work?" aren't conversation starters, but will reduce your likelihood of getting rolled eyes. Before long, questions which will spark conversations won't seem quite so out of place, and you just might make it to talking movies before long. From there, it's a natural progression to ask her to see a movie with you.

Sometimes, the most beautiful women in the world are lonely because that goofball on the other side of the counter won't even say hi to her, and they are rarely the type to get with a guy they met on the internet.

By Don Kress - I am currently available on a contract basis for freelance projects from technical writing to ghostwriting. My areas of specialty include small business administration, auto repair and auto/motorcycle restor...  

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