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Child Prostitution-Asia's Sickness

"As the gap between the rich and poor grows wider, destitute Asians are increasingly selling their most valuable property: their children" wrote Time Magazine of Asia's Alex Perry.

Imagine children as young as thirteen or younger forced to have Sex with as many as 20 to 50 men per night. The ten year old Indian girl living in Mumbai (Bombay) who told her captors that it was wrong to have Sex outside marriage; to break her young will they placed the child in a darken closet. They left her there for four days with a venomous cobra to keep her company. If she moved even the slightest the snake would strike and kill her. Frightened and traumatized the girl agreed to their illicit demands. This girl like so many girl children is forced into prostitution by poverty. Once they're in getting out is next to impossible. If by chance they do get out these girls are mentally and emotionally ruined for life.

Take the little Cambodian girl who was rescued from a life of sexual depravity by an American couple on holiday in the Southeast Asian country. They fed the girl, cleaned her, and gave the child new clothes only to have the Cambodian government refuse the child's exit visa to leave the country on grounds of some technicality.

Not to be discouraged the kind couple tried to adopt the child since she was an orphan but no amount of paperwork could sway Cambodian officials. Once the couple's tourist visa expired and they left Cambodia. The girl was recaptured, tortured and beaten to death. Her captors dismembered her then tossed her bloody body parts into the streets of the city to intimidate other child prostitutes from running away. Similar sick scenarios are taking place and the problem is getting worse by the day.

Child prostitution in Asia is commonplace. Its' growing by exponentially; the culprit-poverty. Sexual depravity among Western men with plenty of spending money and lax morals add fuel to the fire.

Thailand is another international destination for many European, Australian, and American (mostly Caucasian) child sex tourists. Pimps and brothel agents regularly scour Northern Thailand in search of impoverished villages to recruit children, mostly virgin girls, to serve as sex workers. This is how it works:

  • Pimps and Bordello owners approach a girl's parents and ask them if they could 'rent' their child for work in hotels as a maid doing similar work.
  • They give the girl's impoverished parents a paltry sum of money for their child's upkeep then take the child away. In all likelihood the girl will never see her parents again.
  • This child and many like her will be sexually abused in ways unimaginable. She will never see any of the money she will earn and be required to 'service' as many as eight to ten men per day.
  • The girl will be charged for her room and board. Despite her young age (Some girls are as young as seven or eight years old!) she will be sexed to an early death.

Child sex is 'big business.' The multi-national sex industry gross millions of dollars each year and the market is growing. Asian children are kidnapped, sold into sexual slavery, and traded on line by unscrupulous traders in human flesh every day. It's as if the slavers of old resurrected themselves in a whole new way.

In 2003 my wife and I decided to book a trip to Bangkok, Thailand. To our surprise in the heart of the central business district young girls were standing on platforms and tables being sold as sex slaves. It was the early 19th century revisited when blacks were auctioned off to the highest bidder!

Child prostitution isn't a subject people are at ease hearing about. It makes people very uncomfortable. It's also very close to home. Case in point: I have known men who've 'dated' underage girls some young as ten and bragged about it. When I tried to convince them otherwise they said I was 'crazy.' They laughed it off even after I mentioned the severe legal consequences if they were caught.

Adult sexual predators are all too common in Asia and surprisingly in the United States in spite of the fact that child sex laws are strictly enforced. When I was a teacher I would hear stories about children who've been molested by relatives and older students. In the course of my duties I've submitted reports to child welfare authorities regarding incidents of sexual abuse.

I've known war veterans who bragged about the number of women and prepubescent girls they raped. This reminds me of the tow truck driver I hired to tow my car when I was a teenager. The car wouldn't start. I called a towing company to haul my vehicle to a service station. As the car was being towed I sat alongside the driver. We got into a lively conversation about man's favorite topic-women. Being guys we swapped stories our intimate encounters. It was when the driver told me that whenever he travels down south his relatives regularly let him 'sleep' with a nine year old girl to 'make his time more enjoyable;' that got to me. I asked him why nine? He told me that he wanted something 'different' instead of the same old thing.

As a 32 year veteran teacher I've worked in a number of schools in varying capacities. Once I had to call DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) on a man that had sexually abused his daughter. The girl later recanted her story after seeing her father arrested. Strict legislation is a reason why many Western men go to Asia where little girls (and boys) are available for Sex.

I will never forget the time when I was propositioned by an overly 'decorated' girl of about nine or ten who asked did I want a girl friend. I politely told the child "no I don't, " go home, go back to school, good luck, left her standing there and walked away from her as fast as my two feet could carry me. She meekly thanked me and promised to take my advice. I really felt bad for that kid. PEODPHILIA IS AKIN TO THE BLACK DEATH A PLAGUE OF GLOBAL PROPORTIONS!!

The Dynasty Disco Theater

This writer has been traveling to Asia annually since the summer of 1997. My wife and I fly to the Philippines to visit relatives and take in other Asian countries. I can remember one of the times I visited Manila I was entertained to a steak dinner at a popular American styled steak house by a distant 'friend' of our family. As he and I were leaving the San Fernando Steak House (not the real name) he insisted that I sample some 'real' entertainment during my stay in Manila. Having an idea of what was coming next I tried to beg out insisting on spending the evening either at home or taking in a movie at the Megamall Shopping Center. I wanted to see 'Batman' He was adamant and insisted that I come with him. Still I tried to suggest alternative forms of entertainment but he just laughed. It was late evening. I was in a foreign city not knowing where I was and couldn't speak Tagalog. I was in no position to argue. When we arrived at our destination minutes later, he parked in front of 'The Dynamic Disco Theater' (not the real name). I found later that people did everything in that place but dance.

When I left the car I noticed the many luxury vehicles in the parking lot. Well armed guards in formal barong tagalong (the official formal attire of Philippine men) frisked us with metal detectors before letting us inside the club. Satisfied that we were unarmed, they escorted us inside. I was shocked. The place was huge and crowded. I've been clubbing before but this place was different. I didn't know what to make of it. About a minute later we were met by an attractive woman. After she introduced herself as our hostess she led us to our table near center stage. Once my eyes got adjusted to the dim light, I looked around and swore I had died and went straight to Heaven. I was surrounded by at least 500 of some of the most beautiful girls on planet earth! The large stage, the runway that ran up center aisle forming a 'T' in the middle of the huge auditorium had gorgeous Asian women of all hues, hair styles, heights all clad in the skimpiest of thongs, string bikini's, see-through panties, micro-miniskirts, leather shorts I've ever seen!

Officially the girls were 'modeling' a mere legal technicality to keep the place open. These women who filled the stage and lined the runway were all engaging in a variety of masturbatory acts. Most of them were semi naked wearing only the barest of clothing. About 15 minutes into the 'performance' our waitress arrived at our table. She politely introduced herself: "Good evening gentlemen. My name is Mona and I'll be your hostess for tonight." She looked at me, "Sir what kind of woman will you have tonight-big a--, big t'"s, nice -- " She gave me a sampling of what was on the 'menu' that evening. She wore a modest tan uniform, had an order pad in one hand and a pen in the other. By that time my desire to leave waned. After my friend placed his 'order' she asked us to come follow her.

She led us through a black door that led to an adjacent room. Once inside I got another 'jolt!' There was what appeared to have been the entire Left Field Bleacher section of Wrigley Field behind a large glass panel! There were hundreds of girls wearing little to nothing. Each girl wore a plastic sign with a number written on it around their necks. They were waiting to be 'auctioned' off to the highest bidder. Seeing them sitting there waiting to be 'sold' I said to myself, "Nope, this ain't 'The Cell' (U.S. Cellar Field) and these ladies aren't the Cubs warming those benches though they were waiting 'on deck' to 'bat.' This was another kind of 'ball game' more serious and sinister in content. My friend nagged me to "go ahead Freddie, pick one out; I'm buying."

Seeing those luscious ladies gave a serious dosage of some good old Catholic guilt which was a good thing in my situation. My wedding finger started to itch. I looked like Lot's wife as I stood staring through the glass at those ladies. My Buddy quickly chose two girls; one for him the other for me. Our hostess escorted the four of us back to our table.

Once seated, he ordered drinks. I had a Coke he a beer. As 'my' girl started to use her skilled hands to work my body with her nimble fingers, I felt my defenses give way to lust. She started to massage that part of me I find useful in urinating and procreating. I was immediately shocked back into reality thinking about the ladies in the 'bleachers.' I visualized how young some of these 'women' looked. Many were mere children! They held their heads crying and made no attempt to wipe away their tears. Very few of the girls smiled; among those who did you could sense that their 'happy expressions' were forced smiles all part of the 'job' of making themselves desirable for rich men. Thinking about all those girls behind the large glass panels dressed like streetwalkers made my blood run cold. I love sex like the next guy but sexploitation just ain't my pot of coffee.

I assumed these girls were trained in other 'skills.' For safeties sake I kept both hands in my pockets to guard my wallet. I fended off the girl's probing hands. I was further distracted by the super-gorgeous Japanese stripper on the runway next to us. She wore see-through panties and masturbated while the band played in the background. 'My' girl leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "Do you want to f*** me here or shall we go someplace?" She was bold and very much upfront about her business. My now 20 year marriage means a lot to me but my moral defenses were starting to crumble. I briefly looked up at the ceiling and shouted within myself, "Lord don't just stand there DO SOMETHING!!" He did.

The girl shifted the conversation to her 'day job' as a cashier at one of the many malls in Manila and her plans to travel to Japan to work as a singer. I warned her how the dreaded Yakuza (Japanese crime syndicate) lure young Filipina's to work for them and kill them when they are no longer deemed useful. What amazed me was the candor in which she described her 'modeling' job. Virtue prevailed. An hour later we left that place. This was the first and last time 'J' and I went clubbing. I never heard from 'L' after that night. I hope she's okay.

The old adage, 'what goes around comes around' certainly did two weeks after I left Manila. My Buddy was rich Chinese-Filipino favorite targets of Manila's infamous kidnap gangs. He had 'mark' (target) written all over his face. One night as he was leaving another disco theater he was abducted. His captors demanded $16m in ransom money from his family. As his family negotiated for his release, the gang held him locked-up in a tiny dark closet much like the little Indian girl mentioned earlier.

They held him for four months and released him only after his family paid half of the requested sum. As I understand he never went near one of those 'theaters' again. For the duration of my trip I only went on outings with my wife, relatives, and friends. My heart goes out to those poor children at the Dynamic Disco Theater (not the real name) and Reader in case you're wondering both our 'dates' were of legal age.

Shocking Statistics

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO) there is an estimated 100, 000 Filipino children, mostly girls though the number of boy prostitutes is growing, working in the sex trade. In an article dated July 6th 2011, "Prostitution to pay for school fees is just one of the many guises of children in the Philippine flesh trade. In Chile prostitution takes many appearances, from stripping and indecent dance; massage; guest relations, mobile sex trade in streets and malls; on board docked ships or boats; and outright sex slavery in sex dens. Nobody really knows how many Filipino children are in the sex trade, but they could number up to 100, 000, according to the International Labor (ILO). Most are girls but the number of boy prostitutes is increasing."

ABC News Blogs Senior Foreign Correspondent Jim Sciutto said that girls as young as 9 '" 13 work in the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia as prostitutes during an assignment in that country. In the Cambodian capitol alone there are well over 1, 000 child prostitutes. Some child sex peddlers use beatings, tongue slitting and electrocution to instill fear into children preventing them from escaping.

In high-tech India a survey conducted by Indian Health Organization of a red light area of Bombay (Mumbai) revealed that:

  • 25% of the child prostitutes had been abducted and sold
  • 6% had been raped and sold
  • 8% had been sold by their fathers after forcing them into incestuous relationships
  • Many girls between ages 9 yrs-20 yrs are brought every year from Nepal to India to work in Mumbai brothels-20, 000 of them
  • 5% to 18% of Mumbai child prostitutes are adolescents between 13 yrs and 18 yrs

Of the 200m people globally who are suffering from sexually transmitted diseases some 50m alone are in India. Arab writer Joumana Haddad's new book 'I Killed Scheherazade' sites that there are more than 50 million child brides in the world, mostly in Muslim countries! She mentions that this condition exists due to low male self-esteem on the part of Muslim men.

Profile of a child predator

So far this article has dealt with the victims of child prostitution. Now we turn to the predators. According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) by definition pedophilia are recurrent sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies, of at least six months' duration, involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child. The person has acted on these urges, or is markedly distressed by them. The age of a child is generally 13 years or younger. The age of the person (patient/offender) is arbitrarily set at age 16 years or older and at least 5 years older than the child (victim).

What is a child molester? The US Department of Justice says that any individual, male or female, who inflicts intentional trauma and engages in illegal sexual activity with children and non-consenting minors under seventeen or eighteen of age is statutory rape. In short this criminal could be anybody not just your stereotypical dirty old men in battered rain coats poisoning pigeons in the park or passing out candy to children in exchange for sexual favors. Pedophiles come in many 'colors.' Here's the short list of them:

  • Situational child molesters are people who while not preferring children exclusively for Sex, but if a child is 'convenient' they will engage in illicit sex with children. Take the case of the bored sexual tourist in Asia. Fed up with 'the same old thing' namely regular prostitutes, bar girls, streetwalkers, these men will occasionally opt for having sex with minors.
  • Then there are sex tourists who are either afraid or consider themselves to be sexually inadequate with Adults. They will travel to Asia for cheap thrills with children whom they feel comfortable with. It was as though these men were regressing back into childhood a period when they felt at ease around girls.
  • Morally indiscriminate sex criminals are highly aggressive. They abuse children as part of a general pattern which includes a varied assortment of other illegal activities with child molestation only a part of it.
  • Some Asian sex tourists have sex with children because they want to try 'something new.' Many of these criminals have respectful professions, wives, families, and girl friends back home but come to Asia where illicit thrill of sex is cheap and as common as drinking a glass of soda pop. Child sex is but a diversion just another way get cheap thrills. These sick individuals are the sexually indiscriminate.
  • All too many men feel sexually inadequate so they travel to Asia either alone or on sex tours in order to do there what they dare not do at home: take out their frustrations, sexual fantasies, and anger upon children. These are the men you see on the News who kill, maim, and mutilate their young victims.
  • But some men, and woman, actually prefer having intercourse with minor children than with Adults. These criminals are perfect fits for the clinical definition of classic pedophile. These predators a some of your scout masters, clergy, and daycare center staff members, teachers, doctors, coaches, and school principals. Some of these preferential molesters are the classical dirty old men/women types and some are your sadistic killers.
  • Lastly there are offenders who use a combination of methods to lure children into their web of evil from obscene phone calls to children, logging into websites constructed for teens only, to the garden variety sadist and masochist. There are cults that specialize in using children for immoral purposes. A few years ago this writer read somewhere of an American cult based in Asia (Thailand as the writer recalls). The sole initiation requirement for membership is to copulate with a child!

According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) by definition pedophilia are recurrent sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies, of at least six months' duration, involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child. The person has acted on these urges, or is markedly distressed by them. The age of a child is generally 13 years or younger. The age of the person (patient/offender) is arbitrarily set at age 16 years or older and at least 5 years older than the child (victim).

Foreign governments and the child sex industry

Child sex slavery isn't limited to perverted individuals and small groups. With millions of dollars to be made in the child sex industry, many criminal organizations and multinationals support and take active parts in this debasing trade of human flesh. But there is hope on the horizon; governments around the world have and are initiating strong legalization that would make it almost a capitol crime to solicit children for immoral purposes. According to Sol. F. Juvida's, InterPress Service report of October 12, 1997, The Philippines is the first Asian country to pass an anti-child abuse law. Also during that year Great Britain and Australia reciprocated with similar anti-pedophilia cooperation agreements. (Philippines News Agency, September 2, 1997.) These same countries along with the United States made it a felony for their citizens to engage in immoral sexual acts with minors while away from their respective countries. If citizens of the aforementioned countries were to 'purchase' a child for sex in Cambodia being an example they would be liable for prosecution in their home countries.

Why are children being lulled into prostitution is answerable in one word-poverty. Poor children sell themselves or are sold by impoverished parents to make money for their families and provide for their own needs. In many cases these poor children are simply kidnapped by flesh traders then sold to bordellos globally. Asian child prostitutes have been found in houses of prostitution as far away as the Netherlands and New York's Chinatown by authorities. End POVERTY child prostitution dies.

"To see girls enslaved in brothels, it hurts. If you protect one child, you protect future generations."

-Nobel Prize Nominee Sompop Jantraka-

There have been many case histories of humanitarian efforts to free child sex slaves. One such example is the Thai human rights superhero Sompop Jantraka (TIME ASIA Setting Free the Slaves by Robert Horn). At great risk to his own life Mr. Jantraka makes it common practice to use his own personal funds, his position, and even sacrifice friends in his crusade against child sex slavery in his native Thailand as well as in other Asian countries even at the risk of his life. His many enemies have sent him threatening phone calls, e-mails, and promised to burn down his school/shelter in the town of Mae Sai northern Thailand for ex-child prostitutes. Sompop has been beaten almost to death by his enemies. Some promised to murder him outright and yet he refuses to run.

Jantraka labels the wide range of people brothel owners, pimps, individual communities, taxi cab drivers who drive sex tourists to places where children are available for Sex, tour guides, and even 'respectable' types such as bankers, police, government officials, etc. who siphon off child prostitutes as part of the "bloodsucker cycle." Though Mr. Jantraka is only one person he has made a tremendous impact on the international community. Given more than a little amount of 'guts, ' he is doing great things to rid the planet of this evil. If one person ordinary human being is doing so much good imagine what would happen if BILLIONS OF CONCERNED PEOPLE do more than just mouth their opposition to the child sex trade.

Mr. Chris Newlin-Executive Director of National Children's Advocacy Center

In the course of writing this article, I was privileged to have Mr. Newlin of NCAC grant me an on line interview. He works with abused children through his organization a number of years and is considered an international expert on the subject of child prostitution.

Q: Mr. Newlin what are some of the contributing factors that make child prostitution a thriving Asian industry?

A: Economics, greed, limited opportunities, limited international laws regarding child prostitution. As stated in one of your later questions, the desire for financial independence entices many individuals to engage in child prostitution - pimps view children as commodities with which to make a quick profit with no regard for the children's personal well-being; individuals who pay these pimps for access to children selfishly put their own personal sexual desires ahead of the children's personal well-being; and the involved children are either lured into the trade under false pretenses or are forced by these pimps with the promise of earning money which may help support their families. Either way, the children are used by Adults in a way far different than adult prostitution. Q: Are there any Asian cultural practices that make child-adult sex hard to combat? A: Many Asian countries have limited laws against child prostitution, and there is even less international coordination to fight against this criminal behavior. I could not speak to specific cultural practices, but I think we all recognize that a prime tenet of many Asian cultures is respect for elders, and this is frequently utilized by pimps to entrap and control Asian children for abuse in child prostitution. Q: In a study made by Davio Agwote's "Sex trade part of S.E. Asian economics in the Kydo News in 1998 when it was stated that, "Poverty is behind the oldest profession, " how are poor Asian children forced to become prostitutes? A: Many children in Asian countries live in deplorable conditions, and the lure of helping one's family is a prime contributor to children, and in some cases families, for involvement in the child prostitution trade. It is not uncommon in some areas for the easy spotting of families who have a child in the child prostitution trade. The houses of their families are clearly improved (may have running water or a solid roof) versus those families whose children have not entered the trade. It is a disgrace that any child be subjected to child prostitution in order to improve the living conditions of their family. Q: Despite current legislation against child prostitution do Asian governments only give token efforts in halting the child-adult sex problem? If so why? A: I think it may be best to obtain this information from individuals or agencies working more directly in this area. Sorry I am not more help on this question. Q: What are some of the health factors involved with child prostitution? A: It is very common for children who have been forced into child prostitution to contract STDs, and the obvious impact of HIV and the subsequent lack of treatment while still transmitting the virus to others is probably the greatest physical impact. Additionally, many child prostitutes are forever impacted and unable to have children of their own, provided they survive these traumatic years. Additionally, we must consider the emotional and spiritual impact of this trade. Q: How does a child who is forced into child prostitution view the world and their place within the world? A: The psychological impact of child prostitution is immense, so much so, that we really don't have a great handle on its full impact. Needless to say, these children suffer in silence, and we must open our ears to respond to their desperate need for assistance. Q: How and if do Internet pornography impact the problem of child sex? A: The world is becoming more sexualized and this is clear by looking at the dramatic increase of sexuality, especially that of younger individuals, in all aspects of our culture. The ease of accessibility to pornography on the internet helps to fuel many individuals' deviant sexual behavior, and the spread of child pornography further exacerbates this challenge. Sharon Cooper, MD, has commented that we should not use the term "child pornography" since the word pornography no longer holds the stigma it previously held. Instead, she suggests, we should refer to this as "visual depictions of sexual abuse". Q: Here in the United States mainstream magazines, movies, teen websites, magazine, and newspaper ads are flooded with soft-porn images of children in provocative poses or wearing sexually arousing clothing how do all these factor in to the problem of child prostitution? A: This relates to my previous response. Q: What can ordinary individuals, groups, and churches do to halt this growing problem? A: The list of possible solutions is quite long, but I think it is great that your newspaper is highlighting this issue. However, the sexual exploitation of children is not an Asian issue alone. Rather, the sexual exploitation of children (and adults) is an issue which will only improve with more open dialogue and proactive efforts to reduce the sexualization of our society. Inviting speakers to share accurate information on this topic is a prime mechanism for individuals to learn more about this problem, and only through education can we mobilize a rising wave of resistance to this public outrage. We frequently discuss our nations' "War on Terrorism", and I would suggest that terrorism does not come only in the form of WMDs. Anyone who has worked with abused children knows that we have kids in our country who are victims of emotional, sexual, and physical terrorism. They live in fear for their lives not knowing what evil awaits them from Adults they were taught to trust. Dealing with the psychological impact of prior sex abuse, trying to avoid that which they do not control, fearing for their personal safety must weigh heavily on their young minds.

How you can help

There are many ways you the reader can help stamp out this plague. To learn more about what YOU can do listed below are some organizations geared to stop child prostitution not only in Asia but throughout the world:

These are but a tiny fraction of organizations dedicated to fighting this global scourge. Surf the Internet for other like organizations.

Help for potential/actual child sex offenders

Famous actor Shawn Connery in the movie (The Untouchables) about the gangster era in Chicago during the Prohibition era said during the movie that "if you don't want any rotten apples then you get them [fresh apples] from the tree" when trying to assist Eliot Ness in recruiting honest police officers from the Chicago Police Academy to form his new Federal task force to bust crime in that city. It's the same with the global problem of child prostitution: HOW DO YOU HELP POTENTIAL AND ACTUAL CHILD ABUSERS GET HELP? There are a number of places that are more than willing to help men/woman who prefers sex with children to break their diabolical habits. Here's a list of sources that are geared to halt potential abusers before they abuse children with a list of help organizations for persons who've been classified as potential or actual abusers of children:

  • Stop It NOW! Is an organization for Adults and juveniles with sexual behavioral problems. They can be reached at: www.stopitnow.com
  • Menstuff can be contacted at: www.menstuff.org. They offer a wide array of services to treat offenders before they harm children.
  • The Medical Library at: www.medem.com/medlb.article has an excellent article titled: Adult Manifestations of Childhood Sexual Abuse. It's a must read check list for both abusers, potential abusers, and for people who even fantasize about having sex with minors to root out any abusive tendencies and to get help before it's' too late.
  • Vision Ministries at sexheal@visionmiami.com is a religious source. They specialize in getting at the spiritual causes of people who abuse children and others.
  • Stonebriar Counseling Associates is also religious. They can be reached phoned at: (972) 943-0400 or FAXED at: 972-943-0500 or email them at: bobgood@stonebriarca.com.

The Internet has billions of actual/potential reader's world-wide. It is the writer's sincerest hope that some potential/actual abusers of Asian (and other) children who take sex tours will read and heed this article and turn their lives around by getting help. This will spare our children the injustice of having their dignity as human beings ripped from them by sexual predators.

It is believed that most people who molest children were at some time sexually violated when they were youngsters. They in turn molest children when they grow into adulthood. Should child molesters be jailed, executed, treated for mental disorders, or a combination of some of the above? YES depending on the gravity of the crime. The above listing is aimed at sexual deviants seeking professional help in order to stop them from committing their heinous acts against children.

Help for children who prefer Adults for sexual encounters

In Japan it's 'odd girl out.' In the super-rich Japanese economic giant many young girls sell themselves voluntarily. It's called: enjo kosai meaning compensated Dating. Japanese girls as young as 10 sell their bodies to middle-aged men in exchange for money, fine clothes, pricy electronic gadgets and other so-called modern 'necessities;' child prostitution in Japan is voluntary. It is a high-tech industry. Girls advertise for clients by posting messages over the Internet, cell phones, text messaging, magazines advertising, and other modern methods to lure men. According to World Magazine enjo kosai is rapidly growing.

Child sex abuse has many faces. There are young girls, and more than a few boys, who actually prefer sex with adults as opposed to intimacy within their peer group. It was mentioned earlier how growing numbers of Japanese school girl's supplement their spending allowances by soliciting sex with adult men. Children in this predicament can get help with 'Stop it Now!' also mentioned earlier.

Children who prefer sex with adults run serious risks of getting pregnant, catching STD's (sexually transmitted diseases), violence, and death. A few years ago a twelve year old girl honor student, altar server at her parish church, a model child according to her parents was found raped and murdered. Unbeknownst to the girl's parents, their daughter used to go on line to arrange secret meetings to 'hook-up' (have sex) with adult males. One day the child was raped and killed by a man she met on line. The murderer was arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to a lengthy prison term nothing can bring that little girl back.

Grim Alternatives- Pay Back

Why do many adults prefer sexual intercourse with children? In our sexually jaded society they perceive sex with children is the ultimate sexual rush. Like a person afflicted with a compulsive gambling or eating disorder they are willing to risk all to satisfy their sick cravings. There's a movement in the United States to make 'inter-generational intimacy' (pedophilia) legal! This writer has on numerous occasions worked with prison outreach groups. I've counseled sex offenders in half-way houses. I've entered prisons and spoke with men doing time for various nefarious deeds. It was when the convicts started talking about 'jailhouse justice in the 'Boody House, the Joint, Slam, Stir, the Gray Place' that nearly made me retch.

The terrible degradation child sex offenders suffer behind bars should be enough to deter any sane person from ever risking their precious freedom to violate the equally precious freedom of their young victims. I won't go into the hellish details of the high number of rapes that goes on behind bars all with the partial consent of the guards who tend to look the other way. Murderers, thieves, and your ordinary garden variety social malcontents are treated with more respect then child abusers. Molesters reside at the very bottom of the prison food chain.

"It is better for him if a millstone was put around his neck and he be thrown into the sea than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin."

-Luke 17:2-

Various Sources

This writer has borrowed from a number of sources in writing this article. I've drawn from my own personal experiences, relied on information given me from people I've known, and from a number of written sources I've listed below:

  • Child Prostitution in Asia
  • ABC News Bog: Jim Scioto-Senior Foreign Correspondent
  • Child Prostitution in India: Shrike Mishap
  • Coalition against Trafficking in Women: Fact book on Global Sexual Exploitation-The Philippines
  • Malicious Intent: a writer's guide to how murderers, robbers, rapists, and other criminals think
  • TIME: Asia 'Setting Free the Slaves.'
  • Inter Press Service Report
  • Philippine News Agency

Destroying the child sex industry

The virus of the Asian child sex industry-epidemic will be eradicated once the root cause is destroyed: POVERTY. Once material poverty is 'cured' then governments, global industries, law enforcement agencies, and other 'entrepreneurs' in child flesh that make millions of dollars off of the bodies of the innocents will be forced out of business and into courts of justice if and only if ordinary people ACT.

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.."

-Sir Edmund Burke-

By Fred C. Wilson III - Fred C. Wilson III is 66 years old, a former State of Illinois highway designer-drafter, retired public school teacher of 32 years, retired income tax professional with H & R Block, ceramicist, artist, forme...  

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