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Top 12 Best Adult Cartoons Of The 2000's

What were some of the best adult cartoons of the 2000's? Since I'm only a fan of a few live-action TV series, I decided it would be more fun to do a more colorful list of the best animated series of the 2000's. And before anyone gets all bent out of shape because 'Family Guy' or 'South Park' isn't on this list, don't worry, they are on this list of the best cartoons of the 90's. A lot of the crazy cartoons here may not have the mainstream success that two of everyone's favorite all-time animated series do, but the best cartoons of the 2000's are an eclectic mix of some of the most bizarre, extreme, offensive, and hilarious shows to ever take over your TV:

The Boondocks - You can't beat one of the best cartoons of the 2000's that's not just one of the most hilarious of the last decade, but one of the most intelligently-written. The comic creations of cartoonist Aaron McGruder leap to life here, including voice of reason Huey, his wannabe thug brother Riley, and their tough-as-nails Grandpa. However, the supporting characters are what really make this show hilarious, including two spoiled rich guys trying to get all gangsta in their sleepy suburb, and Uncle Ruckus, a black man who contends that he has a disease that's the exact opposite of what Michael Jackson had that is racist against other black people (himself included). There's also a few different rappers (including one who is secretly gay), A Pimp Named Slickback, and the evil spirit of an old man named Stinkmeaner. It's a shame that this animated series doesn't get more attention, but fans will be glad to know that one of the best cartoons of the 2000's will be returning to Adult Swim in May 2010.

The Venture Bros. - Another of the most intelligently-written animated series of the 2000's, this show loaded with comic book references is a bit of a spoof of one of Hanna-Barbera's old cartoons, Johnny Quest. Dr. Venture, a grown-up boy adventure with two young sons of his own (and their army of clones), is trying to follow in his father's footsteps by becoming a successful super scientist, while having to deal with his arch-nemesis, the winged Monarch and his many minions. Dorky Hank and Dean are neat and all, but ultimate (and indestructible) fanboys Henchmen 21 and 24 and bad-ass Brock Sampson really steal the show. With spoofs of superheroes and other sci-fi and fantasy characters frequently popping up on the show (including a grown-up version of Johnny Quest as a ruined drug addict, David Bowie, and a Hunter S. Thompson-like character with breast implants), it's fun to see just who will get roasted next in one of the best cartoons of the 2000's (and it looks like we'll be getting to see more in August of 2010).

Metalocalypse - And now for one of the most brutal cartoons of the 2000's, an animated series about what would happen if a metal band basically ruled the world, turning everyone into crazed fans willing to risk life and limb (literally) just to attend a Dethklok concert. It's definitely one of the most violent cartoons of the 2000's, showing a serial killer making clothing out of human skin; people being dismembered by Dethklok's pyrotechnics; and the band sewing back together their personal chef after he was accidentally ejected into the rotor blades of the band's helicopter. The self-centered band mates and their brutal metal music help make this one of the best cartoons of the 2000's, but it's hard to deny that their antichrist-like manager and Dr. Rockzo, the Rock and Roll Clown, often steal the show. Despite an April Fool's Day joke about the show being cancelled (which likely led to the suicide of many distraught Dethklok fans), Dethheads will be glad to know that one of the best and most brutal cartoons of the 2000's will return to Adult Swim on May 1, 2010.

Sealab 2021 - This is one of the cartoons of the 2000's that I miss most, a spoof of what has to be one of the most boring animated series ever. However, by putting Captain Murphy in charge of the wondrous sea station, he and his incompetent crew help make this reboot one of the funniest cartoons you'll ever see. You've got to love Captain Murphy for introducing us to adorable new pets called gloops (a cross between rabbits, Gremlins, and Gloop and Gleep from 'The Herculoids') and a new winter holiday called Alvistide, a grand feast full of pomp, whiskey, revenge, and ham. Plus this show has to be the best use of Erik Estrada ever. It's a shame that one of the best cartoons of the 2000's has finally met its watery grave for good (after multiple attempts to blow it up), and Captain Murphy will continue to be sorely missed.

The Cleveland Show - One of the best newer cartoons of the 2000's, you can call 'The Cleveland Show' just another 'Family Guy' with different characters, but there's no talking bears, awesome moustaches, Auntie Momma, or 'Straight Outta Stoolbend' on 'Family Guy'. Plus you've got to love that Kanye West recently agreed to do the show, and Stewie can only dream of having the game, street cred, and amount of hair that Rallo does. So hate on Cleveland all you want; this Cleveland steamer with his big fat Urkel son, a stepson that's two feet tall with a three feet 'fro, and a stepdaughter Dating a wannabe thug named Federline definitely deserves a spot on this list of the best cartoons of the 2000's, thanks to his spittin' more wisdom than Morgan Freeman.

Squidbillies - With a theme song sung by Billy Joe Shaver and a hillbilly, trucker-hat wearing squid voiced by redneck vampire Unknown Hinson, this Adult Swim animated series isn't just one of the best cartoons of the 2000's; these 11-minute masterpieces are some of the best cartoons of all time. Early Cuyler is just a gun totin', truck-boat muddin', white people hatin' squid that lives in a shack in the backwoods, along with his son Rusty, Granny, and Aunt Lil. He calls paint thinner "party liquor" (and then imbibes it), and his fashion sense consists of a variety of trucker hats, featuring sayings like "Breathe if Your Horny", "No Habla Jibber Jabber", "Shoot First, Ask Questions NEVER!", and "World's Greatest Illegitimate Daddy'. The second best character on the show is probably nymphomaniac Granny, who enjoys watching Jesus' card tricks and advertising her B.J.'s on bathroom walls (boysenberry jams). Then you've got poor Rusty, the most reasonable of the bunch and Early's son with Krystal, a morbidly obese woman who resides at the city dump, drinking soda from her gigantic "SIP" cup all day long, and the inept sheriff, who has clones of himself grown in a local field. Then there's Dan Halen, Early's boss/business tycoon, purveyor of dangerous products like man-flavored baby tacos, Early's vision-loss-inducing pinecone liquor, and mutant chickens made entirely out of wings. In short, it's one of the craziest cartoons of the 2000's, but, once you get past the weirdness, you'll soon realize why this parody of backward folk is one of the best. Luckily for squidfans, the show returns to Adult Swim on May 16, 2010 with 'Princess Election Infection!'.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Before the cast of 'Jersey Shore' was showing us the weird side of Jersey, a fast food crew and their annoyed, sweatpants and flip-flops-wearing neighbor were showing us that there's a lot worse in Jersey than radioactive neon tans. The Aqua Teens ("Fry man", "Meat Man" and "Cup", as Carl affectionately calls them) constantly clash with monsters, aliens, robots, and other odd characters (my favorites include the pixilated Mooninites Ignignokt and Err, the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future, and the many incarnations of MC Pee Pants). The plots are extremely unpredictable, but often end with Carl or Shake being dismembered or destroyed in some disgusting way. There's an evil sandwich called the Broodwhich that transports its eater to another dimension where they are terrorized by an axe-wielding madman; onion-like monsters that live in attics and feast on humans; kindly mold monsters that are extremely tasty; and too many other creepy characters to cover here. It may be difficult to watch sometimes and impossible to understand, but being unlike anything on television makes it one of the best adult cartoons of the 2000's.

Tom Goes to the Mayor - Another of Adult Swim's best cartoons of the 2000's that really stands out (thanks to its stark, cheap-looking form of animation), it's hard not to love poor failure Tom and his many attempts to be a productive citizen in his typical town, Jefferton, a paradise of all-you-can eat buffets and strip malls. Tom is full of great ideas, like his "Rats Off To Ya!" T-shirts, a WWII theme restaurant, and the Calucorn, a calculator featuring a talking pink unicorn. Unfortunately, many ideas of his are complete failures, and, if he does happen to have a great idea, the Mayor takes it and playfully ruins it with his own quirky twist. Tom also partakes in many of Jefferton's traditions, like Toodle Day, where dogs are married, and attempts to make his community better by starting a health camp for boys (where they start smoking and eating fatty meat instead) and inventing a sea monster named Jeffy to bring tourists to the town. He also tries to get closer to his intolerably lazy, internet-addicted wife Joy (who is no joy to be around), by participating in a bizarre rebirthing ceremony and going on a couple's cruise with her (for which she doesn't show up). I guess you probably love or hate the show, but as someone who has seen the horrors of what living in a suburbia will do to citizens who have little to do besides eat, bicker with neighbors, and take part in community projects and events in order to make themselves feel special (or to prevent themselves from dying of boredom), I'd definitely have to say I consider this one of the best adult cartoons of the 2000's.

Robot Chicken - We all miss our favorite childhood toys like action figures and Barbie dolls, right? Well, thanks to Robot Chicken, we can see our G.I. Joe, Thundercats, He-Man, Star Wars, and fake versions of Barbie Dolls brought to life in ultra-short skits designed for those of us with adult A.D.D. Sure the skits can be a little juvenile (like guys getting kicked in the crotch over and over again), but the fast-paced action and appearances of some of our favorite cartoon and movie characters of the 80's makes this one of the best and most unique cartoons of the 2000's.

Moral Orel - Perhaps one of the most blasphemous cartoons you'll ever see, one of my top cartoons of the 2000's takes claymation to a whole new level in Orel, a boy who feels he was truly sculpted in the image of the Lord, taking the work of Christ into his own hands with often disastrous results. Poor Orel is always trying to make the world around him less sinful by taking God's word to the extreme. For example, he decides that dead people are wasting the life that God gave them, so he uses a book of Satanic rituals to bring them back to life as zombies. And in another episode, he really takes the preacher's sermon about giving up earthly pleasures to heart, which to him means giving up doing good deeds. Some may be offended by this animated series, but for anyone who has ever been annoyed with a religious pot calling the kettle black or doing more harm that good with their beliefs, you might also find this to be one of the best cartoons of the 2000's.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law - Here's another of the best cartoons of the 2000's that gets kudos for resurrecting some of our favorite classic characters in the form of Hanna-Barbara cartoons. Superhero Birdman is transformed into an attorney that represents a variety of cartoon characters in some quite kooky lawsuits. For example, he becomes involved in a child custody battle between Race Bannon and Dr. Benton Quest of 'Johnny Quest' fame; he represents Scooby and Shaggy for a drug charge; and helps clear the good name of Boo Boo of the Yogi cartoons after he is accused of being a terrorist. It's a lot of fun to watch to see what kind of trouble our favorite cartoon characters get into to, and the fact that Stephen Colbert voices one of the characters (Birdman's eccentric boss) definitely helps secure it a spot on this list of the best cartoons of the 2000's.

Shin-Chan - Here's another of the Adult Swim cartoons I miss most, a dubbed Japanese cartoon about a group of kindergartners that act way too old for their ages. It's a bit like South Park in that there are pop culture references aplenty and kids doing and saying things they most definitely shouldn't, but I have to say I like the writing here more than that of South Park. One character acts out the abusive situation going on at her home when the kids play house; one of their female teachers is a nymphomaniac; the principal is a man that accidentally killed and maimed many audience members when he worked as a magician; and one kid might as well be a closeted version of a young Glenn Beck. Like many of the best cartoons of all time, the show even has its own 'Star Wars' parody entitled 'Shin Wars', and, although it's no longer airing on Adult Swim, you can watch the FUNimation episodes for free on YouTube. Here's a list of all of the episodes; enjoy!

So from kids behaving badly to some of our favorite classic cartoon characters doing things that we never dreamed we'd see them do, the best cartoons of the 2000's are a great mix of awesome animated series far more imaginative and fun than your average sitcoms.

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