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Dating Site Scams - One For Men To Be Aware Of

If you are thinking of joining a Dating website, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the number of sites which are out there. Where do you start? Its a good question, many websites attract scammers, people who are more interested in fleecing you of your hard earned cash rather than meeting you and starting a relationship. This issue is especially prevalent at Adult Dating sites. So how do you protect yourself?

The biggest issue men face on Dating sites, Adult Dating sites in particular, is many women don't join the with the intention of meeting you, they join them with the intention of fleecing you. These women will always be hot, so you'll always be tempted.

So the scenario runs like this. You join up to an adult dating site and have a look around. When you see some girls you'd like to meet you pay the dating site fee so you can contact them. You come back a day or 2 later and some of these hot girls have gotten back to you. GREAT! You reply back, and your reply is followed up by a request to meet them at an alternative site, for which they'll give you their personalized link.

You may be tempted to follow these instructions and visit the new site. Typically when you get there, you'll have to create a membership at this website too. Part of this membership will include handing over your credit card details.

They need your credit card to charge you either for the new membership fee, or in a pay per view fee structure where you have to pay every time you talk to the girls on the website. You may find the girl who originally invited you to the site and have a chat to her, this will cost you MONEY, money which will leave your pocket and go directly into hers.

Soon enough the original website you joined will bill you for you next month's membership. And then it will hit you. Not only have you not met any girls yet, but you haven't even been using the website. What the hell happened to the month? That's right, you spent it webcamming.

But you have made some great online girl friends, sure its costing you a fortune to communicate with them on their webcam, but they even take their clothes off for you sometime. At this point, I want you to ask yourself if you think you'll ever meet these girls in real life? Do you really want to be paying this money to watch someone on the screen? Is this really the reason you joined a dating site to start with?

This type of thing happens at most Adult Dating Sites. However, the extent of this problem varies greatly from site to site. That is why our number 1 tip for avoiding this issue is to investigate a few sites before you join them. Only join reputable sites where this problem is less prevalent.

The second way you can avoid falling into this trap, is by setting a rule that you will not follow women who want you to join another website, no matter how hot they are. Lets look at the facts here. The purpose of joining the original dating site was to find women to introduce yourself to. That's it.

Once you have met someone on a dating website, what possible purpose can meeting the same person at another website serve. You have already met them. To move this forward you are supposed to build some trust and then go and meet them in real life. Going to another website instead is a sidewards move. It serves no purpose, so don't do it.

One last idea you can try is to only ever be a member of one dating website at a time. So no matter what happens, never join a second dating site until you have quit the one you are already a member of. This will ensure you test each website individually and remain true to online Dating. IE. You will use the site to meet women for Dating. Only quit and join the next site if you are not getting acceptable results.

If you have tried a few dating sites though and continue to not attract real people, we suggest you stop changing sites and rather look at your internet manner. Setting up a great profile that attracts women and progressing communication to a real life date is a skill. Its something you can research and learn. As always, when things don't go right at the start, don't give up. Research, learn from your mistakes and do it better.

If you recognise the number of scammers at online dating sites, then you are encouraged to research robustly prior to spending your money. Visit trusted Australian and Korean dating sites at Dating Down Under to find out more about meeting new people safely, today!

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