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Behaviors That Will Kill A Man's Dating Life

When men are Dating there are things that they don't pay attention to that can actually hurt their Dating lives. This also brings some heavy consequences that could possibly lose out on getting to know a nice woman. The fact that some of the things men do to mess up their dating lives is pretty clear by how they act and behave around women. Bad behavior does not discriminate whether you're black, white, Hispanic, or Asian. There are a few things that men need to pay attention to that will put them on serious notice when it comes to dating so that they're aware that some things they do can in fact scare women away. The following things are what will scare a single woman away for good and cost you a chance with a good woman.

Guys that are too-overly confident-Men that come off with a stuck-up attitude are going to be the first off a single woman's list because the last thing she needs to deal with is someone who's full of himself. You'll find yourself getting blown off at the club or even more not getting a phone call. If you act like you're all that and a back of Lay's Potato chips don't expect a woman to want to deal with you. Men who act snotty and conceited are usually single and if you brag about how you can get a woman and you sound like that chances likely you're single for a reason. Guys, if you want to keep a woman around lose the snotty and conceited attitude before you actually find yourself single.

Guys who act like obnoxious trash-Nothing is worse than some guy acting like a freaking idiot, but its when guys start acting like idiots and thinking that they're god's gift to women are sorely mistaken. It's the one reality that has them going from getting regular phone calls and emails to nothing in 60 seconds. You lose major brownie points when you are acting like an idiot. Women don't respect men who act like something they can pick up in the street. If you want an example of trash watch For the Love of Ray-J and get a full example of what trash is. Women like men who act mature and got some class it's not just some woman's father, but if you come around her friends and their boyfriends you will be happy to learn that friends are great at evaluating who their friends are involved with simply by looking at how they behave. This also determines whether a woman wants to keep seeing you and being involved with you so it's best to be on your Ps and Qs with your conduct if you want to keep a woman around longer than 2 months (which is known as the probationary period).

Guys who are constantly with their boys-Part of getting to know a woman is not to have a gang of your buddies tagging along talking about how cute she is and saying things that maybe inappropriate and even more eyeing her like she's the first item on the appetizer menu at a restaurant. This is why a lot of guys are not getting far in dating because women are not going to be comfortable being around you and your single buddies. If you want a real chance at actually dating a really nice woman ditch the boys until such a time is appropriate for your lady to meet your guy friends. It's fine to hang with your boys, but when you're bringing them along on dates when you're trying to get to know someone better it's not going to work. You're better off solo if you're going to want to meet some quality females.

Guys who are high-maintenance-This is the most annoying trait in men because some women have to be on top of their game to deal with this type of man. Men that are high-maintenance are a turn off to women because these are the types that tend to cheat a lot on who they're Dating. These are types of men who expect women to meet their standards and criteria which can be pretty high. Micromanaging is another one of those things that's seen in men who are high-maintenance. Part of getting to know someone is not trying to construct them into the person you visualize for yourself. Part of dating is to get to know someone and determining over time if they're someone you want to continue dealing with for extended periods of time.

Guys who are game players-This is the thing that gets on a woman's last nerves is someone who can't be honest with her. Playing games will only keep you single and earn you a shady reputation and a one way ticket to permanent singlehood. If you want to really make a stand in the eyes of a nice, respectable woman being honest is what will get you further playing games with her will only cause more conflict. Playing games is not worth losing out on a nice woman because you're too busy getting caught up in your ego trips.

Guys who are jerks-If you expect a woman to call you and you're acting like a jerk don't expect to get a phone call or email from a woman again if you treat her like she's trash and she's been nothing, but nice to you. It is behavior like that which will send the nicest women out the door never to call or email you again. So if you think that treating a nice girl who's feeling you like trash will keep her around think again most women drop men who act like scum towards them. If you want a woman to stick around treat her with respect and she will not drop you like a bad habit.

Guys who are players-If you're not someone who's serious about one person don't waste someone's time women know when you're not serious about them and they know when they're being played as well. Being a player carries big consequences and can cause women to retaliate against a guy. Players also don't have a lot of respect for women and lack the level of honesty and integrity. Most guys who conduct themselves as players are usually single and have a hard time keeping someone serious around for more than a few months. If you are going to conduct yourself that way expect to have consequences to follow your actions. Usually guys like this also date attractive women who have major self-esteem issues.

Guys who act excessively wild-When did wild and reckless behavior become acceptable for men? This is one of the main reasons some women will not call or email a man back because if he's not someone who can keep his behavior at an appropriate level and under control what makes a woman want to be involved with someone like that? Guys keep in mind that women look at your behavior as a way to decide whether she wants to keep dealing with you or not.

Guys who don't know their place-This is very important because this could make or break a relationship and that is a man who knows his place. Meaning he doesn't take it upon himself to do things like getting up in some man's face because the lady you're with is flirting with a guy at the club. Here's the deal guys, a woman who's serious about you and respects you will stop a man dead in his tracks and tell him that she's involved, married, or whatever and is not interested and that he's disrespecting who she's with...YOU don't take it upon yourself to be all up in another person's face like that acting aggressive. Women also look at that as well because a man who knows his place will conduct himself like a gentleman and let his lady handle her business and not always have you doing her fighting for her. A gentleman will step in if he sees that a guy isn't taking the hint after a woman has let him know that she's not interested.

Paying attention to your behavior could keep a man around for the long haul, but if you slip up and display behavior that's not appropriate or even unacceptable don't expect a man to call or email you back let alone ask you out for a date. It's important to pay attention to these indicators when it comes to your dating life because how you act and behave can have an impact on how someone perceives you. Men are usually better at sensing whether a woman is someone he wants to be with simply by how she behaves and for some of you out there don't be surprised that you don't get a call back due to how you act.

Men that conduct themselves accordingly are likely to get return emails, calls, and second dates, but it's those who want to act silly and foolish who are left with their phones quiet, email inboxes empty, and being ignored will figure out what time it is when they realize that some women seriously do not have the patience and time to deal with some things like wild, immature behavior from women. Dating is difficult enough without someone acting a fool and women who are looking for someone serious are not going to have time to sort through the silliness. So guys if you don't want to ruin a good dating life for yourself keep your behavior in check and act like a respectable and mature adult and women will stick around.

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